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1.36 (*)
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March 04, 2017
Android 2.2 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

- Outline
NaviGateway achieves the congestion information acquisition by the Bluetooth DUN data communication of the car navigation system with a smart phone. It became increasingly comfortable with the conventional ratio 10 time more than transfer rate by the accelerator function(※) established newly!!

※) An accelerator function is an option of another charge. If it is now, I have prepared the trial employment period for ten days.

Please see "Help" of building into, and set to the application the data communication on the car navigation system side when using it for the first time. (Please it sees help once, and match the setting even when connecting without setting it though it is troublesome. )

- confirming the operation environment
Cellular phone ...
a. NTT DoCoMo Xperia Z3 Compact SO-02G
Car navigation system ...
a. carrozzeria CYBERNAVI AVIC-ZH0099
b. carrozzeria CYBERNAVI AVIC-ZH099

2.2 or more is indispensable to the version of Android as the design system requirements.
I am pleased once it gets through eyes in a review, when correspondence from the model at hand is uneasy, or troubled.
I have obtained report of opinion comment and a hardware requirement, or troubleshooting to many of the User who used until now.
Thank you which I gratitude-carry out in people on which you reported.
Please do not give it up in a failure once even if you do not operate about the data communication function by any chance. Please see the bailout described in help, and retry several times once.
There is a possibility that operation becomes unstable because of the influence of the application etc. that the above-mentioned model can be installing.

- Data communication function
・Dial-up networking is added to the profile corresponding to Bluetooth by the NaviGateway, and traffic congestion information acquisition service, CD title acquisition service, etc. which a car navigation maker provides can be used now.
・Network transmission setting and service use registration are required at the navigation system side to use.
・Depending on a model, unless the telephone function of a mobile phone is effective, a communication function may be unable to use. In use of a tablet device, please be careful.
・There is a possibility in which the function that doesn't operate satisfactorily according to the content of the communication is provided.
・The connection might fail unusually. It becomes impossible to connect completely afterwards. After all the Bluetooth connections are intercepted, the reactivation of the cellular phone is needed though it disregards at time in that case.

What's New in this version

-The ring tone sending function was deleted. We have organized the permissions required by the application.

-We have provided a function to check battery optimization and permission setting.

-At the time of a new installation, "BT Self Check" setting of the detail setting was disabled by default.