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Carlos H Ruiz
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17.10.09 (*)
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October 10, 2017
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About Radio FM 90s

In exchanges if you place a Stop Loss, you can not place a sales order to take advantage of a gain. And if you place a sales order, you will not be able to place a Stop Loss. If the sell order is not reached and the price goes down, there will be a Stop Loss to stop the fall and you could have big losses.

This application solves those problems.

The two main functions are: 1. Let the value of this currency go up as much as possible. 2. At any time if the price decreases and reaches the Stop Loss by you defined, the application tries to sell as fast as possible to maximize your profits, or at least minimize your losses.

When buying at Bittrex, you do not need to place a Stop Loss or a sales order. The application detects the purchase and as the price of the currency rises it automatically calculates the Stop Loss, maximizing its profit or decreasing its losses.

If you buy at the right time the application monitors the rise and maximizes your profit to the extent possible. If you buy and the currency starting a fall, the application will sell automatically to decrease your loss.

Its operation is very simple. You only need to enable ApiKey and ApiSecret in Bittrex -> Convert Apikey and ApiSecret to QrCode (on any of the many pages that the service provides) -> Select 'Config' -> Scan codes -> Switch Off switch to On

-This application only works with the Bittrex exchange
-Try the application with small amounts. If it is your trust, it can give you a greater responsibility.
-The author is not responsible for any losses caused by the application.
-Requires installing Barcode Scanner ( to be able to scan the qr codes
- Normally when the screen shuts off, Android shuts down some high-power applications to extend battery life and reduce resource usage. if the Android screen when it is turned off considers this application to be resource intensive, it will close it. The application has recovery mechanisms and others that try to keep the application running despite unexpected closures, etc. It is still your responsibility to monitor from time to time that the application is running.

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