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February 20, 2015
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NurseTabs: Fundamentals

This app allows novice nurses and nursing students to access over 120 skills and procedures separated by topic areas learned through fundamental nursing courses. Once the user selects the skill, they will be presented with equipment they will need to perform the procedure and a step-by-step approach to performing the procedure safely. In addition, users will have access to basic information related to common subject matter learned in fundamentals courses to utilize in the clinical setting. Some of the main features are outlined below:

• Gives quick, easy reference for common skills and procedures performed in clinical settings.
• Identifies common documentation standards for each skill and procedure.
• Includes documentation principles to adhere to when documenting client care.
• Identifies components of the nursing process and gives helpful, easy ways to incorporate nursing care plans for a client.
• Describes common assessments performed for clients in both daily assessments and focused assessments.
• Discusses various skin integrity issues and how to describe wound characteristics.
• Delineates principles of proper medication administration and incorporates basic calculation formulas to perform for medication administration.
• Discusses principles for proper safety in client care.
• Describes principles of adequate oxygenation and how to intervene to promote adequate oxygenation for a client.
• Discusses nutrition for clients including descriptions of various diet types seen in health care settings.

Like the other NurseTabs applications available, NurseTabs: Fundamentals uses a simple categorical approach to assist students and novice nurses in delivering safe, effective care. This app allows the user to search by keyword, too, allowing for easy access to the available information. The topics included in the app are:

• Assessments
• Documentation
• Hygiene
• Bowel elimination
• Urinary Elimination
• Skin integrity
• Mobility/Immobility
• Nutrition
• Oxygenation
• Medical/ Surgical Asepsis
• Medication Administration
• Safety
• Venipuncture
• Vitals

Disclaimer: This reference is not intended to substitute for nursing education, texts, and other resources utilized by institutions and facilities to educate students and/ or facilitate safe client care. Due to the sensitive nature of medical and nursing references, this information may consistently need to be changed, supplemented, and updated to reflect current evidence based practice and medical/ nursing research.

What's New in this version

Added instructional videos as in-app purchases, including one free video for all users!