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1.1 (Updated)
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January 07, 2013
Android 2.3 and up
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Simply the best Nutrition Data App on the market today, shop around and you will see!
Search or Compare 8000 foods for detailed nutrition facts and data in this fast, easy-to-use app. Reverse nutritional search to find richest sources of particular nutrients such as highest in Omega 3, highest in Vitamin C etc.

Accurate data for calories, fat, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, omega-3, RDI and up to 150 more per food. All presented in a user-friendly design.

Featuring a fast clean interface, comparing foods side-by-side, reverse nutrient search, multi-word search, food database optimized for instant search, easy to use nutrient breakdown including macro-nutrient pie chart and nutritional label.

- No internet required & No ADs
- Up to 150 nutrients per food!
- Compare foods side-by-side
- Search foods highest in a nutrient (eg. highest in Vitamin C)
- Includes RDI values
- Very fast and easy design with super fast multi-word search
- Add your foods to Favorites list
- Simple and organised nutrients presented with user-friendly naming
- Easy food-specific serving sizes (cup, grams, portions etc.)
- Data derived from best source USDA Database

What's New in this version

Nutrition Data PRO Release 1.1

- Added new Nutrient Search tool, You can now easily look up what are the best food sources for any specific nutrient. Eg. What are the foods highest in Omega 3? What's the best sources of Iron? It's all at your finger tips! Just click the new graph icon in the menu bar.

- Compare foods side-by-side

- Favorites

- RDI values

- Food specific naming (cups, grams, portions etc)