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July 22, 2015
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  • Nutritionist-Dieting made easy Screenshot
  • Nutritionist-Dieting made easy Screenshot
  • Nutritionist-Dieting made easy Screenshot
  • Nutritionist-Dieting made easy Screenshot
  • Nutritionist-Dieting made easy Screenshot
  • Nutritionist-Dieting made easy Screenshot
  • Nutritionist-Dieting made easy Screenshot

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Nutritionist has moved. Download the FREE app Nutritionist+ The world's first & only automated nutritional diet application. It's NOT just a calorie counter app It's an automated NUTRITIONIST app!

In less than a month on my diet, I lost 3lbs, 1.5" off my waist and 3-5 mm off all my skinfold measurements~Kayla Gonzalez Albuquerque New Mexico

Down 78lbs since using the app.. Got it the day it came out.Gym performance is still great.4xl tshirt to a 2xl.. 46 pants to a 38.There is nothing like this app! ~ Glen Campbell Boise Idaho

I've had the app for 6 months. The success I've had from this app is that I've loss 10 lbs. It takes the guess work out of trying to find the right foods and how much you should eat. Always Eating baked chicken is boring so I love the variety in the different kinds proteins I can choose from. I also love how it knows if you have away for too long. I was 210, now I'm 200lbs with 15 more to go. I don't have to think because the app does it for me. It's the next best thing to having a personal nutritionist. Oh! And the barcode scanner is awesome. ~Will Peak Killeen Texas

Since I got Nutritionist App my lifestyle change, especially the way i eat, many varieties of food i can choose, many source of food i can eat, and amazingly my body weight is dropping, I've lost around 15 lbs since i started using it, now when i go to a wedding party or birthday party, I can eat! hahaha because i know which food i can consume without worrying too much about calorie intake, i just put the food into my Nutritionist App to count the calories and eat, i am safe! i LOVE Nutritionist App ~Janoko Widjaja Indonesia

Why Nutritionist?
Nutritionist app makes a tailored diet plan for your goal and adjust it when necessary based on your feedback.

-Whether you’re losing fat or gaining muscle, Nutritionist makes TAILORED DIET PLANS that fit your goals and lifestyle

-Nutritionist ADJUSTS your tailored diet plans based on your ongoing results and feedback

-Works OFFLINE, no internet connection needed

-The largest offline food database, ever! Select from over 800,000 food items

-Design your own fully CUSTOMIZABLE meal plans

-CREATE and save your own recipes, meals and food items

-Meal Plans will adjust calories based on your activity level for that day

-Add multiple food items to meals WITHIN SECONDS!

-Extremely user friendly app complete with Tips and a detailed How To section

What sets Nutritionist apart

-Designs ACCURATE diet plans backed by scientifically proven research
-The ONLY app that auto-adjusts your meal plan based on your body’s results to get you to your goal
-Tips section covers all the topics you care about most and is updated frequently based off your feedback
-The ONLY app that adjusts your calories based on your day’s activity level
-Frequently updated with new features based on user feedback
-Largest OFFLINE food database.

-The “Recommendations” list complete with portion sizes will ensure you have healthy food options to choose from
-Use either standard or metric measurements making this a global application
-Keep a journal and track progress using the “Notes” feature
-Analyze multiple graphs, charts and comparison views giving you every tool you need to eat right and stay on track
-Set reminder alarms so you never miss a meal or weigh-in
-Truly make this app your own by customizing settings, screens and measurement displays
-Track your progress with pictures, measurements and custom weight charts/graphs
-Easily navigate from page to page using many of the shortcut features located throughout the application
-Take advantage of the additional profile slot which is great for trainers and their clients, family members, significant others and friends
-Passcode Lock

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What's New in this version

V1.7 New custom "meal plans" screen

V1.5 search function improvements

V1.4 'Bug fix on metric conversion

V1.2 Fixed meal tracker error of not selecting the proper food

V1.1 users now have ability to log meals on previous day

V 1.10 fixed metric conversion error

V 1.09 minor cosmetic changes on user interface

V 1.08 Fixed app crashing when adding meal using the decimal keyboard

V 1.07 Overview progress track fix, Meal item creation carb erro fix