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3.1.6 (Updated)
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June 11, 2016
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OmniMedix was written to be the most versatile, fastest, and most user-friendly calculator that exists, and is the only one that has a 100% positive 5-star feedback. Check out what others are saying about it:

R Grubb says: ★★★★★I love you!!! Unbelievably simple. Unbelievably accurate. Unbelievably great. Unbelievably well worth the $5 I paid for this!!!

Kendig says: ★★★★★ Best app ever Just got the app a week ago ut a major fan of the site....used the app all weekend at my critical care is great flow and easy to use and stright foward ....cant wait to see what else they come out with

Matt says: ★★★★★ Awesome program! This program far exceeded my expectations and is great to confirm drip rates, especially as a field Medic at zero dark thirty. Keep up the good work!

OmniMedix was created by a practicing street medic with simple design that allows the user to calculate the proper medication infusion rate within seconds instead of fumbling through endless menus.

Agency protocols are different and medications in EMS come and go. The patent pending system behind OmniMedix is that it is the only calculator that allows the user to select the calculation to be performed based on infusion rates, not specific medications, which allows it to be used with virtually any medication. This allows it the versatility to be used in all clinical environments: EMS, Emergency Department, ICU, medical offices and even veterinary medicine.

Also included are weight and temperature conversions, common pediatric calculations, medication bolus calculations, and the Parkland Burn Formula for fluid resuscitation.

While most hospital units have IV pumps that take care of the drip rate, most EMS crews don’t, and are either left to calculate drips by hand or "titrate to effect". Even if you have the luxury of an IV pump, can you quickly and accurately calculate the correct drip rate by hand if your pump fails? Your patient’s life may depend on it! This app is a must have for anyone who administers IV medications, and is designed with those who rarely calculate drip rates in mind.

Directions for use: Select the concentration being utilized (mcg/min, mcg/kg/min, etc) to enter its menu. Enter the patient’s weight, the desired dose, medication concentration, and dripset being used. OmniMedix will display the proper flow rate in drops per minute, drops per second, and our proprietary “seconds per drop”, to simplify slower drip rates.

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Cody Blount, BS, NREMT-P, FP-C

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