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November 29, 2017
Android 3.0 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

The professional inventory application for Android, featuring:

o Barcode scanning using low-cost handheld Bluetooth barcode scanners — capture all one-dimensional (1D) barcodes, or input barcodes manually.
o Quick and easy counting - repeatedly scan or tap an item to increment the count, or use a built-in calculator to change counts by larger amounts. Counts can be whole numbers or decimal fractions.
o Information for each item includes quantity, barcode, name, note, named location, and date/time the item was created and last modified.
o Flexible input and output - Read and write simple text files via SD Card, Dropbox™, email, or web (ftp for output, http for input).
o Full Dropbox support including uploading output files to Dropbox, and selecting input files from a list of available files.
o User-configurable input and output - specify exactly which elements of information should be input and output for each item, in what order, whether the elements are separated by tabs or commas, and the desired line ending character for proper use with Mac, Windows, or Unix computers
o "Pick and pack" mode for shipping applications by setting scan action to decrement instead of increment count – when the count of each item reaches zero, the order is fully packed.
o Restocking mode by preloading desired stocking levels and setting scan action to decrement instead of increment count – when the inventory is done, the counts show the amounts to be reordered and the order can simply be sent out straight from the application.
o Multi-location mode lets you take inventory at multiple locations before uploading data, or pack multiple orders from a single downloaded file. Add separate notes (serial number, condition of item, etc.) for each item for each location.
o Scan with or without check digits, allowing the scan to match your preloaded inventory barcodes. Even use a special filter to pick out only certain digits from barcodes. Optionally convert BOOKLAND barcodes to ISBN numbers.
o Multiple display modes: Display all items, or only those with counts >0, <0, =0, or ≠0.
o Multiple sort options: Sort items by barcode (alphanumeric or numeric ordering, by name of the item, or in the order the data were collected).
o Search items by barcode or by name, and when searching by barcode, a "default barcode" makes it easier to search in cases where the first digits of the barcodes in your database are all the same, and only differ starting in, e.g., the tenth digit. For name searches, search either at the start of the name only, or anywhere within the name.
o All input and output is done using UTF-8 encoded text, so that accented characters and non-Latin alphabets are fully compatible.
o Read the manual here: http://www.stevenscreek.com/android/manuals/onhand.htm

What's New in this version

Renewed compatibility with Dropbox using new Dropbox APIs (Dropbox discontinued support for their original APIs).