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Panic Attack Aid Lite brings instant calming relief to panic attack sufferers.

Now you can have immediate panic attack relief wherever you are, whenever the panic attack strikes - at the airport, on a plane, out shopping, at home, in a crowd, or anywhere else.

Do you suffer from panic attacks? You're not alone - 6 million Americans over age 18 suffer from panic and anxiety attacks each year. This app can help you stop the symptoms without the need for medication.

"The Panic Attack Aid app is an excellent resource in times of crisis. At Anxiety UK many of our helpline callers are looking for immediate relief from the overwhelming feelings of panic that may engulf them, the techniques in this program cover many of the main coping strategies, and would be of help to panic sufferers"

Nicky Lidbetter, CEO, Anxiety UK (registered charity)

Panic Attack Aid uses a combination of breathing techniques, reassurance about your scary symptoms and exercises designed to distract you:

BREATHING (full version):

A visual aid for slow, relaxed breathing accompanied by calming, positive statements to instantly bring down your anxiety levels.

REASSURANCE (full version):

Select your location, or your individual symptoms, to be instantly reassured that what you are feeling is not harmful or life-threatening.


Immediately re-align your focus on gentle entertaining mind-games and exercises designed to reduce your panic and anxiety levels right away.

If you want immediate calming relief from your anxiety and panic attacks WHEREVER YOU ARE, this is the app for you. The app has been reviewed as clinically safe by the NHS.

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