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Are you curious about your past lives?
Join hundreds of thousands of others who have explored their past lives with Past Life Regression!

Have you wanted to explore your own past lives for therapeutic benefit...or just for fun?

Now there's a unique way to learn more about your past lives through hypnosis and meditation. Rather than going to a past life regression therapist (and paying hundreds of dollars for such a hypnotic regression), you can now use Past Life Regression 3.0 and explore your past life memories in comfort and privacy.

Using a powerful hypnotic guided meditation and advanced audio binaural technology, this application will place you in a deep, deep meditative hypnotic state and begin probing the recesses of your mind to bring to light your past life memories. The narrator will carefully guide you through this powerful spiritual exercise and lead you from one past life event to the next past life event.

You'll uncover memories of where you once lived. You'll remember your loved ones long since forgotten. You'll find out how you lived and what you looked like.

You've Seen it on television and in the movies…
How many times have you seen hypnotists regress people into their past lives in the movies and on television? Haven't you always wanted to try to view your past life? Weren't you curious? Past Life Regression 3.0 avails you the opportunity to do just that – to help you explore your past life…to find out who you once were.

So perhaps you have a bona fide interest in past life phenomena or you are simply curious, here's your chance to undergo past life regression.

Good luck on your journey.

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