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Payroll Guru calculates net paycheck amount from gross wages for Salaried and Hourly paid employees.

For Salary calculation just enter Gross Pay amount, and put nothing into rate and hours fields. For Hourly enter hourly rate, hours, overtime and double time if applicable.

The application will calculate payroll taxes for the current date and tax year. It has been fully updated for year 2020 and changes to Federal Withholding.

Application features 8 deductions that can be set as pre-tax of post-tax deductions.Each deduction can be customized to be a fixed $ amount or a % of the pay amount. Deductions can be excluded from a particular taxation., i.e. 401K as a pre-tax deduction will not be subject to Federal Withholding, but is subject to other payroll taxes.

Payroll Guru calculates net pay, Federal Withholding, Medicare, Social Security, State Withholding and State Unemployment and Disability Insurance (where applicable).

Payroll options include selection of:
- state of employment,
- payroll frequency,
- marital (filing) status,
- number of federal and state exemption allowances,
- year to date wages paid.

Email calculated paychecks to employee, employer or payroll service provider. Produce pie chart that shows paycheck amount distribution.

Payrollguru features fast and accurate payroll calculator which will compliment your business. Use it to check your payroll service provider calculations, it's that accurate!

Feel free to send us your comments and suggestions. We will appreciate you reviewing the app.

What's New in this version

Payrollguru app payroll and tax calculations are updated for year 2023.