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July 06, 2013
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About Radio FM 90s

Phone E6B Aviation Calculator for Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Phone E6B is much more than just an E6B - it is a complete flight planning system. Type in a route of flight and wind conditions. Phone E6B will look up the coordinates of each location along your route of flight and calculate the time, distance, and fuel consumption for your flight. Look up the weather conditions at your departure and destination airports. Look up the coordinates and elevation of airports all over the world. Save a Weight and Balance profile for your airplane so that you can quickly calculate W&B without typing in again the arms and empty weight. Calculate holding pattern entries. Calculate how far you can glide at a given descent rate and ground speed. Calculate the effect of humidity on density altitude. Transfer your flight plans from your Android to your personal computer. Of course, Phone E6B can also do everything that a slide-rule E6B can do. Phone E6B costs a little more than some other Android E6B apps because it does so much more. Why settle for less when you can have Phone E6B for a tiny fraction of the cost to do a few touch and goes?
• Time, speed, distance
• Fuel consumption
• Wind correction – WCA, ground speed, time en route
• Headwind/crosswind components of wind
• Pressure and density altitude
• True airspeed and true altitude, Mach number, speed of sound
• Weight and balance
• Weather reports
• Units conversions
• Distance and course to travel between two locations based on their latitude and longitude
• Holding pattern entries
• Glide distance
• Fuel weight from volume and density
• Ability to look up the latitude and longitude of airports and NAVAIDS all over the world (over 30000 airports and 9690 NAVAIDS)
• Ability to look up the latitude and longitude of navigational fixes in the U.S.
• Ability to transfer flight plans to your personal computer where you can print the flight plan or import to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Video tutorials are available at

Single device license: The software license allows you to run Phone E6B on one device.

[NOTE TO PEOPLE OUTSIDE THE U.S.: If you cannot purchase Phone E6B through the Android Market in your country, Phone E6B is always available directly from our website]

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