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September 02, 2018
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About Radio FM 90s

PinTheMap is a nice app which you can add pins on the map wherever you are. When creating a pin you can add map screenshot, photos or a voice message. Are you driving and cannot take your attention off of the traffic? Simply pin the map by using a convenient one-click button.

You can also add pins on the map in in other location. Just find it on the map, long-click on that location an create your pin.

Create categories in order to group your pins according to what they mean to you. Choose a default category and all your pins will be created on that. Later, if you want, you can change it according to your needs.

Choose different colors for each pin category. Show or hide pins for each category at any time.

Spread the world by sharing your pins on Twitter, WhatsApp and much more. The share basic text includes a Google Maps link pointing exactly to the pin location, as well as the pin name. Also share information such as pin address, photos and voice message.

** Basic Usage **

To create a pin, just click on the red "+" button at the right bottom corner and choose between "Take a photo", "Voice recording" or "One-click pin" options.

To create a pin in an specific location, find it on map and long-click on it. Then, just proceed configuring your pin.

To quickly visualize a pin details, find it on the map click on it. Then, click on the pin name (a white dialog right above the pin) and the pin details screen will be opened. From there you can also share it.

To visualize the pin category list, in the main screen, click on the "location icon" (in the menu at the right top corner). The pin category list screen will be opened. On that screen you can create/edit/remove pin categories and also choose a different color for each pin category. This color will be used in the the pins showed on the map.

If you do not want to show on the map pins for an specific category, just uncheck "Show pins on map" options for that category. To show them again, just mark that option.

When creating/editing a pin, you can add up to five images to it, either from your gallery or take a picture from the camera and also a voice message. Also, in the edit screen, choose a default image to the pin by long-click on the desired image and choose "Set as default" option.

By default whenever you create a pin, a map screenshot will be taken. You can enable/disable it on the app settings.

You can choose a map type (normal, Satellite, Terrain or Hybrid) and a default map zoom.

If you have no Internet connection when creating a pin, you will not be able to take a map screenshot (once it depends on the Internet).

** Share a Pin Information **

After create a pin, it is possible to share information about it. There are some different sharing options. They are:
- In the pin list screen, click on the "share" button. The basic text will include the pin name and a Google Maps link pointing to the pin location. It will also include the default photo (if any). All this information will contain up to 140 characters, so you can share it on Twitter.

- In the pin details screen, you can choose between share one image at a time, all images at once or the voice recording. Basic shared text will include pin name, a Google Maps link pointing to the pin location as well as the pin address.

** Required Permissions **

In order to use this app you must grant permissions to:
- Write on external storage
- Location (this is the core of the app)
- Camera
- Record Audio

So, let's pin the map and tell your friends where you are!

What's New in this version

- Added support to Android Nougat

- Fixed some minor issues