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June 05, 2016
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  • Planisphere for Zooper Screenshot
  • Planisphere for Zooper Screenshot
  • Planisphere for Zooper Screenshot
  • Planisphere for Zooper Screenshot
  • Planisphere for Zooper Screenshot
  • Planisphere for Zooper Screenshot
  • Planisphere for Zooper Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

*** This is not a standalone app! Zooper Widget PRO (v2.60 or above) must be installed on your device. Zooper themes won't work with the free version of Zooper.

Planisphere is a custom theme for Zooper Widget Pro which allows you to place a working planisphere widget on your homescreen to track the movement of constellations, stars, the Milky Way, and even the sun. Best suited for tablets and phones with screen resolutions of 720x1280 or more.

Four sub-themes are available; you choose the one best suited to your location's latitude:

Planisphere-35N: For latitudes between 30° and 40° North*
Planisphere-35S: For latitudes between 30° and 40° South*
Planisphere-45N: For latitudes between 40° and 50° North
Planisphere-55N: For latitudes between 50° and 60° North*

*You can use these themes outside their recommended latitude range, but accuracy decreases the closer you are to the equator, or poles.

- Center: Opens widget settings
- Anywhere else: Forces widget redraw


1 - Install Zooper Widget Pro if you don't already have it:

2 - Install Planisphere for Zooper

3 - Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen (4x3 or larger recommended)

4 - Tap "resize or tap to start"; when the skins list pops up, choose "Planisphere for Zooper"

5 - Select the appropriate sub-theme, based on your location's latitude

6 - A preview and setup screen will then appear; adjust "Scaling" to eliminate any cropping


This theme's global time zone is set to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and its update function is based on local mean time (or "solar" time) in order to give the most accurate result possible. To work as intended you will need to manually enter your location's longitude in one of the module's "advanced parameters." Don't worry, it's not as difficult as it sounds:

1 - Find the LONGITUDE of your home location and make note of it (NOTE: Eastern longitudes are positive, Western longitudes are negative)

2 - Open widget settings (tap center of widget)

3 - Tap on "Layout" to open the module manager page

4 - Tap on the topmost module, named "Background"

5 - In the "Background" module page, scroll all the way to the bottom until you get to "Advanced Parameters" and tap on that

6 - If you've done each step correctly, you should see a long formula at the top of the screen: [r]$(((-999)*-1)...

7 - Change the "-999" part to your longitude (from step 1). For example, if you live in Rome, then you'd substitute "-999" with "12.5"; if you live in Montreal, you'd substitute "-999" with "-73.6" (be careful not to alter anything else in this formula; also, don't use quotes!)

8 - Tap on the check mark on the top-right of the screen to confirm the change

9 - All done! You can return to your homescreen at this point. Consult the screenshots if you need clarification on any of these steps.

Please note that there is no way to properly automate the longitude setup, or to have the widget "track" your location. This is a Zooper limitation.

PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS THEME'S DEFAULT LOCATION! Leave it at "London, United Kingdom - Tz: Etc/UTC", otherwise the widget will not function properly.

If you have any problems setting up Planisphere for Zooper, please send me en e-mail before leaving a negative review. Thank you.

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