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February 12, 2016
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About Radio FM 90s

Pocket NIHSS is an Android implementation of the NIH Stroke Scale, a critical tool developed by the US National Institutes of Health/NINDS for the assessment and evaluation of acute stroke. Each component of the exam is presented in an easy to navigate, multiple choice format with the official instructions for each component.

- Examination instructions for each component from the NIH Stroke Scale
- Includes all four visual aids used for assessment of language, aphasia, and dysarthria
- Final score is calculated at the end, along with the score for each individual component
- New in version 2.1 - ability to export results to any application supporting text input (note-taking apps, email, messaging, etc.) - use the export button from the results screen
- Resources in v2+: tPA dosing table, with indications and contraindications, anti-hypertensive medication guide, and useful scales for stroke, ICH, SAH, and neurological emergencies

Version 2.0 Specific Notes:
- The tablet interface only rescales text and the menu bar to look less silly on a large screen; there is no difference in functionality between the two interfaces. As this app is still based on AppInventor, the updated Android 4+ UI elements are mostly simulated, and there is no true detection of screen size and thus no automatic scaling. 8" and above will likely look better with tablet scaling, 5.5" and below should use phone, with sizes in between going either way.
- Clear data for this app in Android Settings if having trouble after upgrade (or uninstall/reinstall)

Medical Note: This app is meant to serve as a reference similar to the pocket stroke assessment cards issued to physicians, nurses, and students in neurology and/or the emergency department. It does not provide the proper training necessary to accurately perform the assessment, nor is it meant to replace official documentation/procedures required by any given medical facility. While best effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information contained within, no guarantee is made that this information is up to date or applicable to any given clinical situation.

*** Note regarding permissions: Internet permission is requested as many elements in new interface are HTML based, however this application does not connect to the Internet and can be used offline. Storage access is for application data storage. ***

What's New in this version

Version 2.1 (2/12/16) - Export functionality added to results screen.

Version 2.0 (7/31/15) - Complete rewrite from scratch using AppInventor 2. See main description for changes.