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Flying Whale
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1.1.1 (*)
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July 31, 2021
Android 8.0
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About Radio FM 90s

-- Product introduction
Character "Kei Kurei"(Japanese high school girl) of "the programming live broadcasting" (Japanese "Programing NAMA-HOUSOU", for short "PRO-NAMA").
You can move her in a favorite pose and make photograph.
Please enjoy "Pro-NAMA CHAN" only for you.

Choose movable bone, and move a pose with a axis slide button.
You can operate even one hand if used.

Screen center part for horizontal rotate / movement / extended / reduction.
** Because it becomes hard to use it when I mix a vertical turn, it is taken off. (it functions if I hit on good UI, and do I add it)
When you turn it to the vertical direction, you choose anchor Bone among Bone menu (It look like the ground) and turn it.

If a pose is completed, let's photograph.
The slide image is without the backgrounds.
Therefore you can edit it with other images.
* In the case of Android device, the image is stored away by data folder of the application.
"Android" - "data" - "biz.flyingwhale.ProNamaPose" - "files"
Please use application such as the File Manager to look at the image.
* The software which can do layer editing is necessary to edit an image.

You can save / load the pose. (up to 9 poses)

-- Preset pose : Default pose + 31 kinds
-- Preset hand pose : 5 poses of hand + edit mode
-- Expression : 5 kinds + edit mode
-- Bone menu : 21 joints + Anchor
Head, Neck, Chest, Abs, Hip
Shoulder, Upper Arm, Forearm, Hand
Thigh, Leg, Foot, Tiptoe
* Hip is the center of the model. Anchr is ground.
A whole body of "Pro-NAMA CHAN" turns when you move hip or anchor.
-- Reset
Return a camera (rotary / movement / extended / reduction) to the initial position.
Return the left leg, the right leg, the left arm, the right arm to the default pose each.
-- 2 costume
-- Slide photography function.
-- Simple photography function.
Project a camera picture in the background.
This function is not camera app.

-- I aimed at pose making tools with the value to use.
I am going to add function and the improvement.
Please tell me your request through an evaluation.

-- License, instructions
*These contents developed and shown under "Pro-NAMA CHAN" guideline.

*I use the voice of "Kei Kurei" with consent (licensed number: 28).
I prohibit the extraction of the voice and the secondary use such as processing it, and showing it.
When you download this application, I consider that you consented to this.
When you do not consent, please do not download this application.

*These contents developed and shown under "UNITY-CHAN LICENSE".

-- Others
There is no indication of the advertisement entirely.

*A phenomenon to freeze with some devices several minutes later is reported, but is not settled.
Please check the operation with a free version before the purchase.

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