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About Radio FM 90s

Push to Mobile for SECTOR provides an effective solution to push content (including text, graphics and video) to mobile devices to get the right information to the right people at the right time wherever they happen to be – office, remote or mobile.

P2M for SECTOR typical applications and uses include:

• Staff Bulletins & Notifications
• Customer News Feeds
• Business Continuity / Emergency Procedures and Contact Lists
• Escalation Updates
• User Guides & Reference Manuals
• Company, Sales and Industry News
• Business Procedures Updates
• Changes in Legislation
• Health and Safety Bulletins
• Product Revisions

P2M for SECTOR Key Features:

• Deliver defined content to all users, user groups or even individuals according to need.
• A wide range of formats can be delivered, including multiple document types, image files and video.
• Incorporate links to supporting documentation on a corporate intranet (for access when on-line).
• Business Continuity applications.
• ‘Over the Air Push” secure updates for mobile users.
• Expired content removed from the device once it is no longer valid

P2M for SECTOR avoids email channels by using a smart combination of fixed and mobile communications technologies which together produce a solution that keeps people up to date and well informed no matter where they are. So now important information won’t be delayed or, even worse, get blocked, bounced or buried in a quagmire of unread emails.

Push To Mobile requires the P2M console software from Interchange Group to enable the administrators to manage the content on the mobile devices. For more information about Push To Mobile and how it can be integrated into your business please see our web site, www.interchangeapps.com or contact us at info@interchangegroup.com.

Push To Mobile for SECTOR works with SECTOR -based enterprise workspaces, including BlackBerry Secure Work Space, AT&T Toggle, and Deutsche Telecom SAMBA! If you are unsure if you have a SECTOR workspace, or if you do not have a SECTOR workspace and would like to obtain one, please contact your company’s IT administrator. If you are not an enterprise user, please consider “Push To Mobile”.

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