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June 26, 2017
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About Radio FM 90s

QR & Barcode Scanner Pro is a free application that allows you to learn the information of the product. It is an excellent program designed for Android devices. It's very easy to use. It is the fastest and most powerful browser. With the barcode reader program, you can easily scan products with barcodes. It is designed in great shape. With QR code reader and Data Matrix scanning program, your product information will come to your phone screen. It is a unique program produced for smartphones. You can access contact information, phone numbers and e-mail addresses with the code browser. There is no need to take photos to use the application. With the camera, hold onto the bar code part of the product that has the bar code. It will scan the barcode automatically and present you all the information in the database.
- Open the barcode reading program. Focus on the barcode area with the camera. You do not need to press any key. You can share apps on your phone as QR codes. Bookmarks easily share the contacts in your contacts with QR code.
You do not need to take pictures. The barcode reader automatically scans the barcode at the location where the camera focuses. You will have access to information about the product of the scanning of the product, website, telephone information, url, location, ISBN, e-mail address, contact information and production locations. You can also go to the product website.
- Fast, reliable and most powerful reading program.
- High quality code reader.
- Registration of barcode information.
- Scanning of barcode information using camera.
- Sharing of acquired information. (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Bluetooth v.s). On all social networks
Speak share feature share feature.
- Simple and elegant interface.
- QR code scanning feature.
- All information is in your browser.
- QR code reader is free.
Supports RSS, Data Matrix, EAN-8, QR Code, UPC-A, code 39, code 128 v.s formats.
- View history.
- Go to the direct website.
- You can create a barcode yourself. Your barcode section.
- With the barcode scanning program you will be able to perform its operations in the easiest way.

Legal warning:
It is based on the open source ZXing barcode scanner project. Apache License 2.0.

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