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1.1 (Updated)
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October 28, 2013
Android 2.2 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

*** This is a license key for QuickWrite Trial ***

From the developer of OfficeSuite, QuickWrite is a multilingual keyboard app with intelligent contextual word prediction. Easy to set-up and time-saving QuickWrite conveniently integrates with any application on your device and makes typing quick and fun. From text messaging, email and Facebook to professional text editing in mobile office applications QuickWrite will initiate as you start typing, will provide keyboard language and layout of your choice and will predict your next word before you even pressed a key.
QuickWrite improves as you type by learning from your way of writing and typical patterns. The more you use the app, the better the word prediction will get. Gesture or swipe writing improves your typing speed even more.
Use with QuickSpell by MobiSystems to get extra spelling features – QuickSpell will underline misspelled words and will offer correct spelling alternatives. Get QuickSpell from Google Play or MobiSystems mobile store.
QuickWrite seamlessly integrates with OfficeSuite Pro and is specially optimized to document editing in OfficeSuite. Users of OfficeSuite can now enjoy

• Multilingual support and multi-layout keyboards for some languages.
• Contextual word prediction for 21 languages.
• The most probable word is put in bold in center position for easy selection.
• Word suggestions are dynamically changed and improved on each next letter that you type
• Intelligent self-learning text prediction. QuickWrite learns from your way of writing, most frequent words and word patterns.
• Contacts on your device are imported and used for the text prediction.
• Ability to add words to the current language database.
• User dictionary for new words that you add.
• Writing with gestures - also known as swipe writing
• Statistics about your typing and the performance of QuickWrite.
• Resizable keyboard height
• Customizable word adding behavior in QuickWrite.
• Ability to choose where to store spelling dictionaries – on the device memory or memory.

~~~Language Support:~~~
QuickWrite provides over 50 multilingual keyboards and layouts as follows: You can install as many layouts as you wish.
• Afrikaans/qwerty
• Arabic/arabic
• Belarusian/east_slavic
• Bulgarian/bulgarian
• Bulgarian/bulgarian_bds
• Catalan/spanish
• Czech/qwertz
• Danish/nordic
• German/qwertz
• Greek/greek
• English United States/qwerty
• English Great Britain/qwerty
• Esperanto/spanish
• Spanish/spanish
• Spanish United States/spanish
• Estonian/nordic
• Persian/arabic
• Finnish/nordic
• French/azerty
• French Canada/qwerty
• Hindi/hindi
• Croatian/qwertz
• Hungarian/qwertz
• Indonesian/qwerty
• Icelandic/qwerty
• Italian/qwerty
• Hebrew/hebrew
• Georgian/georgian
• Kyrgyz/east_slavic
• Lithuanian/qwerty
• Latvian/qwerty
• Macedonian/south_slavic
• Malay/qwerty
• Norwegian Bokmål/nordic
• Dutch/qwerty
• Dutch Belgium/azerty
• Polish/qwerty
• Portuguese Brazil/qwerty
• Portuguese Portugal/qwerty
• Romanian/qwerty
• Russian/east_slavic
• Slovak/qwerty
• Slovenian/qwerty
• Serbian/south_slavic
• Swedish/nordic
• Swahili/qwerty
• Thai/thai
• Tagalog/spanish
• Turkish/qwerty
• Ukrainian/east_slavic
• Vietnamese/qwerty
• Zulu/qwerty
• No-language/qwerty

For 21 most used languages of today QuickWrite offers contextual text prediction:
• English US
• English UK
• German
• French
• Spanish
• Italian
• Portuguese
• Portuguese Brazil
• Russian
• Bulgarian
• Czech
• Danish
• Greek
• Finish
• Croatian
• Norwegian
• Dutch
• Slovenian
• Swedish
• Turkish
• Polish

At MobiSystems we take your privacy very seriously - QuickWrite will never collect your personal data, like passwords or credit card numbers. Internet access permission is used to download dictionaries only.

What's New in this version

New in version 3.0.43:

- Swipe writing

- Improved predictions algorithm

- Resizable keyboard height

- Ability to update languages

- Improved Holo skin - ability to change skins coming soon

- Various fixes and optimizations

New in version 2.7.36:

- Works on devices with Android 2.3.3 (API 10)

- Dynamic resize of suggestions strip (drag the three upper-right dots)

- Key gestures - upside stroke to enter superscripts, left-side stroke on delete key deletes a whole word