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August 08, 2013
Android 2.2
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About Radio FM 90s

This is the license key application for R2Mail2 and only works in combination with the main application.

Please install R2Mail2 (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=at.rundquadrat.android.r2mail2) first!

This license key removes the limit of 10 displayed messages in R2Mail2!

On some phones like new HUAWEI devices apps do not start as intended. In this cases you need to mark the license app as "protected" or "trusted" application. On some other roms you need to mark the license app to autostart:

- On old Huawei device go to Settings > Protected apps > check "R2Mail2 License".
- On Huawei/Honor device go to "Phone manager" -> swipe right -> "Autostart apps" -> activate "R2Mail2 License" App. Restart your phone.
- On Xiaomi devices makes sure your phone has the "Auto-start" property enabled for "R2Mail2 License".

We noticed some problems with the Google Play licensing server. If R2Mail2 still claims to be in demo mode after installing this app please do the following:
* System Settings -> Manage Apps -> Google Play Store: "Force Stop", "Clear Data" and "Clear cache"
* System Settings -> Manage Apps -> R2Mail2: "Force Stop"
* Restart R2Mail2

If you still have problem please send us an error report or mail to android [at] rundquadrat [dot] at.

About R2Mail2:
R2Mail2 is an email client for Android OS which provides cryptographic capabilities, such as Digital Signatures and Digital De- and Encryption based on personal Soft-Token keys (.p12 format), as for example provided by a Trust Center or generated by PGP applications. Even though we focus on the best cryptographic experience in the Android email world, we try to provide a full functioning mail client with corresponding safety features in general.

* E-Mail Server: IMAP (incl. pushmail/idle), POP, SMTP and Exchange (>2007 SP1)
* SSL with X-509 client certifiate authentication
* An database in which the mails are stored encrypted
* Special Attachment View (browse your attachments without checking single mails)
* Dark and Light Themes
* Switch for Html and Text view options
* Peak Options for check intervals
* Search Function for messages per Folder

Main Cryptographic Features:
* Private keys and passwords are stored in an encrypted database (Key-Store) and protected by a Master Password.
* The security settings allow the configuration of encryption parameters, signature and certificate validation methods (OCSP and LDAP).
* Full S/MIME and PGP Plain and PGP MIME support
* Automatic selection of S/MIME or PGP for each recipient
* Full support of Android Root Store
* Certificate import of .crt, .pem and .asc formats
* Certificate/Key import from KeyServer LDAP or HKP (HTTP)

Informations about Private Key and Validity Handling:
The application comes without a personal key pair (the users private and public key) - so it is fully functioning in the sense of sending and receiving emails as any other mail client and provides the correct usage of validation if the mail you receive is signed by the sender.
For signing or encrypting a message it is necessary to use a private key you own. Turn to a Trust Center of your choice as a source of supply. You can find a list of trust centers, which are trusted within the Android world, in the Certificate Store (CA section) of R2Mail2. Please be aware that this app can only support Soft-Token in form of P12-files and will not work with smartcard-based certificates.

The private key you use for signing and decryption is bound to the validity of the certificate. This means, that after the certificate is revoked or no longer valid (because the date stated in the field “Valid To” of your certificate is in the past) signatures will not be possible. Nonetheless, we implemented the function to decrypt messages with private keys even with no longer valid certificates. So your messages will always be available to you, even with older keys.

For more information visit http://r2mail2.com

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