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September 03, 2018
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** NOT compatible with Daydream. Please see other apps by us for the Daydream version**

Take a break. Take a breath. Sit back . . . and immerse yourself in the world’s most relaxing, natural settings. Look up at fluffy clouds floating or leaves rustling above your head . . . gaze at vast, undulating ocean waves toward the horizon as you de-stress to a gentle meditation or soft melodic tunes.

Relax VR presents gorgeously detailed 360º video footage and spatial sounds for you to experience beach, ocean, wind, waves, forest streams, crickets, and so much more in virtual reality. Calming, guided meditations or peaceful ambient beats accompany your experience.

*** Relax VR is one of “The 9 best apps for iPhone” — CNet ***
*** Relax VR is one of “The best VR apps and games for iPhone” — Wareable ***

Find out why more than 500,000 people have relaxed with Relax VR.

The Relax VR team understands that the sense of *presence* plays an important role when combined with meditation techniques for stress management. Delivering the right experience from the moment you open the app is paramount. Relax VR relaxation is professionally designed by a multidisciplinary team of scientists and meditation/yoga instructors to facilitate your stress relief and sleep support.

Here’s how you relax in VR:

1. Select your destination from the latest set of relaxing, scenic locations.
2. Slip your phone into your VR headset and put on your headphones.
3. Choose proven Yoga Nidra guided relaxation meditations (in both male and female voices) or calming, peaceful music.
4. Take in the natural beauty and peaceful sounds as you slip into a relaxed state of mind.
5. Emerge from your experience feeling at peace, rejuvenated, and rested.

With an ever-expanding selection of exclusive natural destinations, RelaxVR includes:

-- Wineglass Bay Beach, Australia
-- Tropical Beach Escape, Philippines
-- Northern Lights, USA
-- Up in the clouds
-- Forest Creek, Germany
-- Glenn Canyon, USA
-- Fern Bern, New Zealand
-- Fantail Falls, New Zealand
-- Rice Terraces, Philippines
-- 12 Apostles, Australia

**How to make the most of your immersive experience**

-- To select your experience, gaze at its icon for a second or two.
-- Look all around you — left, right, up, down — to explore your beautiful surroundings.
-- To return to the main menu, just look down — it’s right beneath you all the time.
-- To change your environment, select from Scenes.
-- To choose your listening experience (guided or not), Select Music and Meditations.

Need help with the app? E-mail

Thank you. Please consider sharing your feedback and wish-list destinations. Here’s to your health and wellbeing!

What's New in this version

- Sped up loading time at the start of the app

- We've made peace with our bugs. Have you?