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1.0.1 (12)
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January 11, 2017
Android 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich (API 14)
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About Radio FM 90s

The ReSound LiNX2 app is an educational and demonstration app that explains the features of ReSound LiNX2, the benchmark in Smart Hearing.

Put on your headphones and experience the main audiological features of ReSound LiNX2. Understand how people with hearing loss can benefit from its exceptional sound rendition in a variety of soundscapes.

Explore the connectivity possibilities that ReSound LiNX2 offers. Discover how the Made for iPhone functionality of ReSound LiNX2 allows direct stereo sound streaming from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and transforms the hearing aids into wireless stereo headphones. Find out how sound is streamed from a Bluetooth-enabled phone to ReSound LiNX2.

Discover how hearing aid users can use the dedicated ReSound Smart™ app to adjust volume, treble/bass, enhance voices, and even geotag favorite programs so the hearing aid automatically adjusts when arriving at a specific location. The app lets users maximize the hearing aid performance on the spot, no matter the situation.

Learn how hearing aid wearers can use ReSound UniteTM accessories to hear more when distance and noise levels challenge their listening abilities.

Discover the modern, discreet and durable design of ReSound LiNX2, learn about the models and colors available and choose the perfect fit for anyone’s needs and preferences.

Everyone should be aware of hearing health, because good hearing contributes positively to healthy relationships, earning power and mental health.

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