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Ritesh Malik
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1.0.1 (Updated)
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June 29, 2017
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About Radio FM 90s

We have been in the consulting business for more than 17 years – handling thousands of students across India. Students had to spend hours to find information on visa process & Education Abroad.

This app will benefit them with information on their fingertips (Mobile), instead of a student browsing different websites to collect information; we have deployed all relevant information on this easy to use the mobile app. We firmly believe in providing authentic and relevant information to our students and users to cut down on their precious time to collect information, which would now be available through our mobile app.

At the same time this app will give us a brand image and recognition in this clutter of different advertising methods, like banners, billboards, flashing signs, newspaper ads, flyers, coupons, websites, website banners.

We want to directly communicate to our clients; it will improve our interaction with them resulting in saving their time in getting solutions faster for their application process.

This will result in building a brand and creating recognition for our services.
A mobile app for our business can greatly contribute to our brand awareness.

At our level a mobile app is rare, and this is where we take a big leap ahead of our competitors, due to the knowledge and information that will be available on our mobile app; our forward thinking will astonish our customers.

The most important reason why we considered creating a mobile app was to going back to the basic fundamentals of doing business, making a true and sincere connection with our customers by providing them information, which is useful, authentic and relevant.

What's New in this version

Updated Visa Processes