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1.6.2 (Updated)
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October 25, 2015
Android 1.6 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Set custom sms ringtones per contact easily - with personal call and SMS tones for each of your friends and contacts!

Ringo Pro is a fun and powerful way to customize sms ringtones for each of your contacts. Simply pick your friends inside Ringo and pick a music ringtone or SMS tone - you'll know instantly who is texting or calling you!

Supercharge your SMS Text & Call Notifications with Ringo Pro, the leading customisation app for Android!

Ringo Pro lets you easily pick and use any MP3 music file as your ringtone - and set individual ringtones for each of your contacts and caller groups.

Ringo really powers up your SMS text message notifications too - set a different tone for each contact's messages, and control LED colors (when supported), caller or message sender voice announcing, pop-up notifications and more!

In fact, Ringo Pro allows you to customize almost every aspect of ring tone and SMS notification. If you are one of the many people who don’t notice the polite vibrating of the phone when it rings, Ringo Pro offers a much stronger vibration. Vibration patterns are aptly named: Discreet, Classic, Enthusiastic, Frenzied, and Relentless.

Ringo Pro will really shine as you start to apply its custom settings to caller groups and to individuals in your contact list. Each person can be assigned a unique ring tone, unique SMS tone, their own color of blinking LED (on phones that support it), and a unique level of vibrate intensity. You will know instantly whether a call is from your brother, boss, or broker. One user sets a discreet ring tone and SMS tone as a default, then gives each important caller his or her unique tones.

Ringo Pro is packed full of customization options, so you can configure your incoming calls and SMS Text alerts exactly how you want them! You can even customise your tones for SMS that come from email, and for Class 0 (Flash) SMS messages.

Now, you can use Time Out to silence Ringo till the top of the hour - perfect for meetings - and Quiet Hours to silence Ringo for a fixed time every day.

If you are using Ringo with GO SMS Pro or Handcent, note that these apps can disable the SMS notifications for all other apps, including Ringo, which stops Ringo working. You can fix this in their settings.

In GO SMS Pro, tap Menu / Settings / Advanced tab / Notification Settings, and uncheck Notifications. Then go to Receive Settings and un-check 'Disable other message notification'.

In Handcent, Tap Menu / Settings / Application Settings.
Tap 'Default Messaging Application', and choose Disable.
Then turn on 'Lower priority'.

What's New in this version

1.6.2 - We have reverted to an earlier version whilst we resolve the problems revealed in version 1.6.1

1.5.12 - We've made changes that should prevent loss of settings following changes to your devices Contacts after a sync or suchlike.

1.5.11 - We've fixed a minor issue with SMS priorities.

1.5.10 - Added SMS and Calls options to Quiet Hours, and improved Handcent and GO SMS help

If you have any trouble with Ringo Pro, please send us a mail so we can investigate.