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Red Rabbit Software, Inc.
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1.08 (Updated)
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March 25, 2015
Android 3.0 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Learn the guitar scales! On my phone you say? Yep. Brought to you by the makers of RR Guitar Fretboard Trainer, is this new app designed to take your mastery of guitar scales to the next level.

Want to memorize the CAGED scale patterns? Develop your ability to quickly identify a scale box at a specific position on the fretboard? Memorize what the scale degrees are on the various scale boxes? This is the app for you. RR GUitar Scale Trainer allows you to practice any scales you want. What's that you say? You play the Bass or the 10 String lap steel? No problem, you can configure the number of strings and open string tunings. You want to work on the awesome new semi-chromatic non-western scale you came up with and are going to use to revolutionize music? That's fine too; you can set up new scales and practice those as well.

Want to try before you buy? That's cool, look for RR Guitar Scale Trainer Lite. Same thing, but you're limited to one scale (just enough to get you hooked).

Full user documentation, scale libaries and game profile libraries are available at http://www.redrabbitsw.com/wabbit/scaleTrainer

What's New in this version

- [bugfix] Fix failure to properly load scale editor in lite version on Kindle Fire HDX

- [bugfix] (1.07) Improved touch sensitivity for super sensitive handsets (inc. Galaxy S5) that mis-report taps as flings to GestureDetector

- [bugfix] (1.07) Fix crash when some accidental notes selected for tuning.

- (1.07) Removed "Email Logs to Developer" option, which allows removal of "Device & app history" permission which was required to read application logs