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This app is only for business users enrolled with Check Point Harmony Mobile for Enterprises. To download mobile security protection for your personal use, search the Google Play Store for "ZoneAlarm," by Check Point.

Harmony Mobile Protect helps organizations mitigate security risks from mobile devices connecting to company resources. Whether on a BYOD or a corporate owned device, it offers the industry’s most comprehensive mobile protection for Android devices, applications, and data.

Harmony Mobile Protect keeps information stored and accessed on mobile devices safe, without impacting user experience or privacy. It helps you stay productive by keeping you connected to enterprise applications and data, providing the confidence of knowing your personal information and your company’s assets are safe from advanced, targeted mobile cyberthreats, such as:

• Mobile malware that can stream information from your device to criminals’ servers
• Spyware used by criminals that may access your phone’s email, microphone, camera, or geolocation
• Unprotected Wi-Fi® network access and "Man-in-the-Middle" attacks, in which hackers steal information sent and received on your device
• Phishing attacks, in which criminals use social engineering tactics to steal enterprise credentials

Harmony Mobile, as an MTD (Mobile Threat Defense) solution includes an On-Device Network Protection Module (known-as ONP).
This module inspects traffic locally on the device to protect against network threats.
To have the mobile device traffic inspected by this ONP module, the configuration of a (local) VPN is required.

Harmony Mobile Protect is a lightweight app that runs in the background, so it won’t impact your device’s battery life or performance. And there’s nothing you need to learn and nothing you need to do. If a threat is detected, intuitive prompts let you know exactly what’s happened and what you need to do to keep your data safe. This gives you the freedom to use your device as you always have without the fear of attack.

Check Point Software Technologies is committed to protecting your privacy. We don't collect or share any personal information with anyone. For more information, please see the privacy statement on our site at http://www.checkpoint.com/privacy.

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We made stability and performance improvements.