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About Radio FM 90s

Do you want to hide a love affair? It's easy with Secret Love!
With this application you can send messages to any mobile carrier and call easily and quickly wihout letting anyone know!
You can hide your conversations and keep your secrets withg a spy-proof system! Try it and make the best use oif its potential!
With Secret Love you can keep your phone number and your conversations and calls made with your secret addressee. There will be no evidence of your messages and calls to your secret number on your phone.
You won't have to worry about delete every message and call at the risk of upsetting a relationship.
Secret Love will mind everything!
The app will appear on your device as a notepad. Indeed, its icon is a notepad and the first display is a notepad page, where you could take notes, with the "save" and "delete" buttons.
When you insert your password at the first start, you enter the app for the first time.
Here you can insert your addressee's number and then send messages, call and change the first settings.

The app allows you to choose a special vibrating alert frequency so as to understand when a secret message is coming, or
a different ringing notice for messages. In this way you will always know when your secret lover is looking for you.

With Secret Love you don't need to hide your phone from your partner and you can let him/her rummaging/nose aroung in his/her own time. He/She won't find anything!

If you want to hide some calls, this is the best app for you!

/////////The free version is available for a limited period.\\\\\\\\\

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Translations are provided by Giulia Gumiero ([email protected]).

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