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June 02, 2014
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The Secret Teachings of All Ages: Manly P Hall

This is one of the most important books on esoteric thought and the diversity of religious traditions ever published. Not only is it extremely well written, also included are many other graphics, drawings, engravings and paintings that tell the secret story of humanity.

This is an excellent text for anyone interested in Esoteric teachings from ancient times onward.

A fantastic reference book for anyone who has an interest in the western esoteric tradition. It covers a broad range of topics related to Western Esoterica, such as:

- Alchemy

- Qabbalah

- Rosicrucianism

- Mystery schools

- Symbolism of plants and animals

To name but a few.

If you are new to the field of esoterica and you want a very clear and concise introduction (with excellent pictures) then this really is the place to start. Manly Hall has done an excellent job of putting together this compendium of information, and it is impossible to find so much information about this subject in the one book anywhere else.

While the book covers wide range of topics, it essentially follows the path of Western esoteric traditions - all the way back from Egypt and Greece, through the famous European alchemists (St. Germain and Nicholas Flammel), and onward to Rosicrucians - as can be expected from the title, but it briefly touches upon symbolism from Islam and Amrican Indian symbolism.

This is a masterpiece of esoteric literature, one that you'll never part with. Truly a must have volume that belongs in the library of every Freemason, Kabbalist, or Rosicrucian. The title says it all. You'll spend hours upon hours in reflection and enthralled at the details of the text and illustrations.

THE SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES. AN ENCYCLOPEDIC OUTLINE OF MASONIC, HERMETIC, QABBALISTIC AND ROSICRUCIAN SYMBOLICAL PHILOSOPHY Being an Interpretation of the Secret Teachings concealed within the Rituals, Allegories, and Mysteries of all Ages By Manly P. Hall.


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App Features:

1. Day/Night mode
- Day (black on white), Night (white on black)
2. Change font colour
3. Change font size
4. Change Text padding
5. Auto bookmarks the last read position
6. Move to previous and next chapter
7. Bookmarks last read position in each chapter and book
8. Screen capture
9. Options menu
10. Clickable table of contents
11. Contents rotate automatically (portrait/landscape)


1. App for Phones AND Tablets
2. SD Card Support
3. Toolbar (Fast Access to Common Tasks)
4. Flip pages

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