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April 04, 2015
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About Radio FM 90s

I developed Seizure Now to help me record key information quickly and easily when my son has a prolonged epileptic seizure. We often have to take him to hospital and need to report to the doctors how long his seizure has been going on, what medications he has been given and other key information.

Maybe this simple app will help you record information about your child's seizures in a simple, easy way so that you can concentrate on looking after your little one.

The idea is simple, when the seizure starts you fire up the app which has a stop watch timer in the middle, hit 'start' and the timer will start running. You now know how long the seizure has been going on.

You can record the type of seizure by pressing 'seizure type' and selecting from the list.

When you need to give rescue medication press the 'medication administered' button and select from the drugs you entered on the settings screen.*

If you have monitoring equipment like a SATs monitor, thermometer or blood sugar testing then click on 'record SATs' and enter the details that are relevant to you.

If you like to record the fact you've given oxygen or that you've called for help then those buttons are available too.

Often you might be alone and caring for your child and you may need to let someone know something is happening, maybe your partner is at work and you want them to leave or maybe a grandparent is close. You can press the 'send sms' button to automatically send a pre-written message to a pre-defined person or people. In the settings screen (cog at the top right of the screen) write your emergency text message for example "Johnny is having a bad seizure and I might need to go to hospital, please be ready to leave work and meet me there" and select your partners number and put a tick in the box next to hit. Click 'done' at the top and the message is saved.

Once the seizure has ended press 'End' and the timer will stop.

To access the information you have recorded press 'send report' at the top of the screen, this will show you all the events you recorded and will give you the option to email that data to any email address. Once you have finished with the information and have emailed it click on 'delete' to clear the information.

You can then use the 'reset timer' to zero everything and you are ready for the next seizure.

Information can really help the medical professionals do their job better, the more informed they are the better so record whatever you think you need to. If there isn't a button on the screen for what you want to record use the 'add note' function.

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