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6.0 (*)
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October 26, 2023
Android 4.4
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  • Shop Calc Pro : Shopping List Screenshot
  • Shop Calc Pro : Shopping List Screenshot
  • Shop Calc Pro : Shopping List Screenshot
  • Shop Calc Pro : Shopping List Screenshot
  • Shop Calc Pro : Shopping List Screenshot
  • Shop Calc Pro : Shopping List Screenshot

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Grocery Shopping List with Price Calculator, Budget Control, Taxes and Discounts. Make a quick grocery list, and track your spend while you shop so that you don't exceed your pre-set budget. Multiple ways to generate shopping lists, including barcodes, voice input, free type text and item pickers. Generate a realistic shopping bill at any time complete with taxes and discounts both at item level and overall level. Save multiple shopping lists and send/export the lists in various formats. It supports multiple currencies and is a useful companion for travel.
This is the Pro version of the popular free utility "Shop Calc: Budget Grocery List". It supports all the features of the free version. In addition, the following features are present:
- Ad-free, no ads (more screen space)
- Requires no device permissions
- Unlimited saved lists (item pickers)
- Barcode support (please see notes below)
- Voice Input (please see notes below)
- 4 row keyboard similar to calculator/phone
Store the commonly shopped grocery and other items under categorised lists. Even if you are too busy to do that, don't worry, it will build a database of the products that you shop along with the most recent price and associated tax. Apart from unlimited lists, the pro version also has support for barcodes and voice input.
A quick list entry mode allows you to free type your shopping list quickly. Numerous settings are provided in the Settings screen to customise the behavior to your individual and regional preferences. You can export your shopping list to various formats, mail it or send it via bluetooth.
It is lightweight, requires absolutely no permissions and can be moved to SD card. You have to try it out to see how handy it is.
Barcode Support: It supports item entry using product barcodes on devices with camera and barcode scanning software. You need to have Google Goggles or ZXing Barcode Scanner software present in your device. The ZXing Barcode Scanner seems to be better at this time. Please note that the item names or price are not fetched. However, if you enter the name, price and tax once, it is remembered for the next time you buy the same product. A lookup is provided to search for the scanned barcode on the net.
Voice Input: Inputing items by voice is possible if the relevant hardware (mic) and software support (Google Voice Search) is available. The voice detection is dependent on your accent and is subject to your phones hardware and software capability.
Shop Calc can be very flexible. It can be used as an adder for counting, for keeping track of game scores, for calculating the total sales price of items you want to sell, for repeated measuring, for mathematics games etc. In fact, be a little creative, and you can use it for anything where you want to track a series of numbers (continuous addition) with or without a description or remark attached! This simple adder can be used when you want to, say, keep adding and logging how much of each item type is there. When you are taking measurements of your room, why not log it in Shop Calc?
Shop Calc supports Emoji (Emoticons) in Jelly Bean, KitKat and above. Use the smiley button in your Android keyboard to associate some nice icons with your product names.
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Enjoy the versatile shopping app that learns and grows with you.