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2.2.2 (*)
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July 15, 2019
Android 4.0.3 and up
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  • Silent Manager white-list call Screenshot
  • Silent Manager white-list call Screenshot

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Silent Manager manage your silent state
Silent manager helps you to manage your silent status for calls and SMSs.
Silent manager create white-list if anyone in the white-list calling you or send SMS to you, your mobile acting as in normal mode.
you can select a contact which contain many phone numbers
note: check your contact numbers it must be stored as displayed by your network

Who is need Silent Manager?
You are at work and your phone is silent, but your son was sick you miss that
You have a disabled mother and you are in a lecture. You want to stay updated about her needs
You are a businessman in a meeting you do not want to connect to any people except to wife or fiancée.
Your boss connects to you and your mobile is silent. What an embarrassing situation
Your mobile phone is silent and lost it and do not know where you put it
Silent Manager helps you to solve these problems and more
1- Add and remove any contact to white-list
2- Full integration with contact application include
a- Joined contacts
b- Multiple phone numbers
3- Ring on call and Messages for white-list.
4- Sleep time, Silent Manager will stop itself in this time.
5- Full support of Android 2.3 or up
6- Remember you to check your white-list.
7- Long click on any item to have help.
8- Compatibility with third party programs like schedulers.

1- Pick a contact
2- When a contact calls you and you're in silent state and the contact is in the white-list.Your mobile will ring as it isn't in the silent state.
3- have fun !!


What's New in this version

Add help screen to explain Silent Manager.

version 1.7

1- Adding new screen for multi-picker contacts

2- Solving problems with hidden contacts like Facebook and contacts without phone numbers

version 1.8

Add google analyitics to improve user experience

Fix bugs

version 1.8.1

Fix bugs

Add messages to help user

version 2.0

Support for contact custom ring tone.

version 2.0.1

Fix bug appear on some versions

version 2.1.1

Fix kitkat bug for external ring tone.