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7.3 (*)
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January 13, 2015
Android 1.6 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Snmp Widget is designed to send SNMP Set commands and SNMP GET requests by widgets.

Please try Snmp Widget Free before purchasing.

You can use GET-Widget as a place on your screen for displaying information fetched from a remote agent via SNMP GET Request.

You can use SET-Widget as a two-position switch to control network-enabled outlets, network switches and routers, remote relays, and other SNMP enabled devices.
This is how the SET-Widget works:
Click -> send SNMP command "A" -> click -> send SNMP command "B" -> click -> send SNMP command "A" and so on.

Confirmed to work on:
-Android 1.6 @ AVD (Android Virtual Device)
-Android 2.3 @ HTC hero
-Android 4.0 @ Rikomagic MK 802 II
-Android 4.1 @ Samgsung Galaxy ACE

Confirmed to work with:
-Cisco routers and switches

Snmp Widget Features:
- Several SNMP widgets can be created. Each one with its own configuration.
- Multithreaded networking
- Widgets can be triggered from external apps (Proference, Tasker, etc). See description below.
- Configuration Export/Import (no need to write OIDs with onscreen keyboard - copy/paste them on your PC/MAC)
- Separate WIFI and Mobile profiles
- Configurable timeouts and retransmitions (Widget behavior depends on SNMP Agent reply)
- ConfigEditor allows modification of existing widgets
- Configurable SNMP version (v1 and v2c)
- Supports BER value types: Integer, String, Null
- Configurable OID in dots-decimal notation
- Configurable SNMP community
- Widgets state survives reboot
- Configurable style (text color, names)
- User configurable debug mode - Helps me to help you :)

Externall app interoperability:

SnmpWidget can be controlled from external apps (Tasker, Proference, etc) via broadcast intents.
Send broadcasts with Action = k4.snmpwidget.TOGGLE_WIDGET . Two extra string values must be included in broadcast intent:
Extra 1: key=NAME value= String. Contains Regular expression to match widgets name. Can be Lamp to match widget with name Lamp. Can be ".{0,}" to match all widget names.
Extra 2: key=STATE vlaue= String. Describes what you would like to do with widgets. the following values are available:
"update" - Update widget state
"switch" - for SET widgets force transition to the next state. This is what happens when you click on the widget.
"one" - forse transition to STATE 1. Does not matter what is current state.
"two" - forse transition to STATE 2. Does not matter what is current state.

Imagine you have SET widget named Lamp and you want to change its state with Tasker.
Find Intent action in Tasker`s MISC section. Configure the following values in it:
Action = k4.snmpwidget.TOGGLE_WIDGET
Extra = NAME:Lamp
Extra = STATE:switch

If you have any question - drop me a email.

More features are coming!
Bug reports and feature requests are welcomed! :)


SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 are weak security protocols. Be carefull while using Snmp Widget in untrusted networks.

You can change (intentionally or unintentionally) the state of a remote electronic device with the help of Snmp Widget. It might be dangerous.
For example to turn on an iron remotely will be a big mistake.
Safety measures while using Snmp Widgets is only your responsibility.
I accept no responsibility for any harm you can do while using Snmp Widget.

How to report bugs (You should have "aLogcat" application for it. One can find it in Google Play Store):
1. Open Snmp Widget application (via application launcher)
2. Enable debugging by clicking on "Debug" button
3. Do whatever your were doing (Please describe it as well)
4. Open "aLogcat" application and save the logs to a file
5. Send the file to me
6. Disable debugging

What's New in this version


feature: ITU-T (0.) and JOINT (2.) root trees are now supported.