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1.0.4 (*)
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March 04, 2019
Android 4.4
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  • StageCue WIFI Cue Light Phone Screenshot
  • StageCue WIFI Cue Light Phone Screenshot
  • StageCue WIFI Cue Light Phone Screenshot
  • StageCue WIFI Cue Light Phone Screenshot
  • StageCue WIFI Cue Light Phone Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

NOW CROSS PLATFORM compatible with an Apple iPhone running the same app! Just pick up one on the Apple store to complete the system.

Ideal for drama/musical productions, where you need to keep in constant touch with Lighting/Sound yet be free to move anywhere within a theatre environment or simply if you need to keep in touch!

See the video for ease of use, here you can see the Phone in use with a Tablet but Phone to Phone is the same principle,

A unique application for professional or amateur theatre staff alike. Conventional stage cueing devices rely on wired connections to communicate with Sound/Lighting to Stage Managers. This is not always convenient as Stage Managers often have to be away from their post, attending to actors and unforeseen issues. Alternatively Lighting crew can be up in an inaccessible part of the theatre gantry.

The StageCue app is a totally wireless solution designed for an Android phone. Simply connect both devices to the same wifi router. (This router doesn’t even need to be connected to the internet). Then start the apps on both devices. The phones will find each other automatically, establishing a connection. If you have any issues connection, try restarting the app, in rare circumstances the router may need to have the firewall turned off or multicast turned on. This has been tested in various combinations across several routers and works well, establishing a stable connection.

In use, press a Red or Green button on either device, the other will flash the corresponding colour. The recipient then presses the flashing button to show a confirmation "OK" on both devices. Normally in stage applications using a wired connection, the stage manager only has the option to flash the amber in response to the Sound/Light command. With StageCue the operators both know the state of readiness of each other.
(also available on other platforms - search for StageCue)

OUT NOW!! multi-way tablet controller, with control of up to 8 phones.
Search for "Stage Cue 8 Channel Cue Desk"

This app works on the port number 5555. So make sure to remove this port number from the restriction list on the firewall of your wifi network(or router).

What's New in this version

Fixed connection issues.