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2015.1.1 (Updated)
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February 23, 2017
Android 4.0 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Strange Mojo is a 3D visualization suite and live wallpaper for chaotic systems with vast customizability and versatility. Nearly every parameter of the system is exposed for modification by the user and can be configured to react to music or audio. Tweak appearances, textures, rendering options, shader parameters and dynamic behaviors to create unique constructs. Harness chaotic systems and manipulate them with music from your favorite audio player to create reactive, complex and beautiful structures available for display on your home screen wallpaper.


Complex Chaotic Systems : The meat and potatoes of Strange Mojo are mathematical constructs called dynamical systems. Small changes in input parameters can produce vastly different results. An endless number of unique stuctures and behaviors can be created. Strange Mojo uses random numbers and chaotic metrics to simplify or automate the creation of interesting systems.

Advanced Rendering Engine : Cutting edge shader technology allows Strange Mojo to visualize these complex constructs in a variety of appealing ways. Gaussian light blooming and motion blurring are among the options available to the end user with adjustable levels of detail to cater to newer or older devices.

Audio Reactive : Strange Mojo contains an advanced signal analysis system that allows music or audio being played from a different application to be used as input to the complex system. Providing an amazing level of granularity, specific parameters of the system can be bound to any number of different views on a particular frequency's data. Bind bass to kinetic impulses and create a system where the beat of music is realized in a physical manner, or bind trebles to colors and make a scintillating display from your high frequencies. The possibilities are limitless.

Advanced Input System : As well as supporting all the touch gestures you are used to like pinching and rotating, Strange Mojo leverages other sensors available on Android devices such as the accelerometer and gyroscope to provide new ways to interface with systems. Each type of input can be bound to a specific Input Mode where it can be used to rotate and scale the system, navigate around the 3D space the system exists in or can even to act as a source of force used to kinetically manipulate the system. All these input modes can work in tandem and the individual sensor datas will join together to provide an intuitive interaction experience.

Electrostatic/Kinetic Physics : The element cloud used to build the dynamical system can be fed into a physical simulation where each point has mass and behaves like a body in motion. Giving these bodies electric charges that can be adjusted by the user or bound to an audio track creates beautiful turbulent structures that are surprisingly tactile.

Customizable and Personalizable : On top of all the system parameters exposed to end users for customizing, it is also a simple task to use your own images as textures for geometry. The background 'sky' and other primitives can be turned into 3D picture frames for your favorite memories. You can even include custom messages presented typographically correct in a variety of font faces. These messages will be treated as elements of the construct and will be absorbed by physical simulations.

Early Access Software : Strange Mojo is still under heavy development and will rapidly evolve and grow in scope. Although currently quite stable, there may be some unforseen bugs or incomplete features. These will be addressed as they are discovered, you are encouraged to submit reports to support at


Preset Management/Sharing : Sections of Strange Mojo's settings including personalized images and text will be able to be saved to a file that can stored to be loaded later or shared amongst friends.

Chromecast Support

What's New in this version

-Massive number of enhancements

-Smaller total memory footprint

-Fully functional preset system

-Added Argand Diagrams, Isosurfaces, spatial hulls and more

-Independent wallpaper preset

-Many UI improvements

-New audio bindings