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2.15 (Updated)
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February 06, 2014
Android 2.2 and up
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**NOTE: This application is in BETA - there WILL be bugs, we assume that you're purchasing the application as a show of support for the developers, not expecting a finished and flawless product. If you feel uncomfortable purchasing, please feel free to try StrengthCalc Natty Edition - It's free, gets all of the same features (though slower than this version) and just has an adbanner on the bottom.**
Put in your lift numbers and get an array of pre-populated bodybuilding and powerlifting routines for you to use! Strengthcalc will help you keep on track and consistently making progress in your Strength Training


Persistent Data - Put your lifts, weight, age, etc. in once, and never worry about it again.

Select your own theme!

Adjustable Rest-Interval Timer so you know when to get back under the bar!

Prepopulated lift numbers - Know EXACTLY what you're supposed to lift, and when.

Popular Bodybuilding and Powerlifting routines - Tried and true regimens that produce results. No more fudgearounditis!

Wilks Calculator - Know exactly how strong you are for your bodyweight.

TDEE/BMR calculator - Know how much energy your body uses, so you can cut, bulk or maintain effecitively.

Log your workouts for popular routines like 'Starting Strength', 'Strong Lifts', "5/3/1', 'PHAT' and more!

Routines included:

AllPro's beginner BB routine
German Volume Training (GVT)
Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training (PHAT)
Body Part Splits
Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST)
Starting Strength
Strong Lifts
Greyskull LP
Phraktures Greyskull Variant
Coan/Phillipi Deadlift
Doug Hepburns Strongman Method
Mag/Ort for various lifts
Smolov Squat Routine
Smolov JR. for various lifts
The Texas Method
Madcow 5x5
and last, but certainly not least:
The GZCL Intro and Intro Plus methods.
Powerbuilding routines

**No Ads**

If you're experiencing a bug, have a feature request etc. Feel free to report it on the rating screen, but also, please email me as the play store doesn't notify me of reviews. Your feedback is very important to me as I want to make this the best app I can.

What's New in this version

Updates are on hold for a few weeks as we re-do the Diet section to make it more native. This will be the first of a few iterations of new native features - including workout logs and exercise/routine display and input.