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1.0.3 (Updated)
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March 11, 2014
Android 4.0 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Situation: You are in charge of a unit dispatched to take care of a hostage situation. Arriving on scene, you discover active shooters on the rooftop. What is your course of action? Make a decision in the next 5 seconds...

"Perfect off for use between the SWAT teamleader and Operation central. I work as a leader of the OPC and see a very good possibility with this app in the work situations. SWAT teams can easilly comunicate the live situation/plans for aproval to the OPC. Very good app for police units arriving on a scene and giving them a brief/update them on the situation/plan beeing formed or apporved before set in action..." ~Mr. Sirma

"This is an excellent app and it's simple execution allows quick planning without having technology get in the way. Great for field use." ~Mr. Edwards

"It took me two minutes to compose a sketch of an active shooter scenerio I had taught last week. Absolutely great!" ~Mr. Dukes

True law enforcement experience can never be replaced, but can be hard to come by. Practicing decision making and communication can be invaluable tools should situations like this arise. The United States Military uses an age-old tool called a sand table to quickly plan missions before deployment. Sand tables are proven effective training and planning tools used on a daily basis.

Built with sand tabling in mind, Tactical Police Table allows you to draw up training scenarios, conduct after action reviews (AARs), and share it with your unit, ultra fast.

Mission Planning Features:
+ Streamlined interface for ultra-fast scenario development
+ Unlimited Undo/Redo!
+ Load your own maps (from you Photo Gallery) and draw your plan directly on it
+ Sand and satellite imagery backgrounds
+ Describe weather wind speed/direction for outdoor situations
+ Quickly email a saved Police Table to other Tactical Police Table users, or a screenshot of your Police Table to anyone!
+ Dozens of tactical icons (identify structures, units, vehicles, hazards, etc)
+ Resize, rotate, and fade icons for detailed planning
+ Personalize your icon names to your liking. Don't call your Commander a Commander, name him/her whatever you want!

Mission Playback Features:
+ Playback your scenario after drawing!!!
+ Play, fastfoward, rewind, skip forward and back in your drawing, just like you drew it!

Tactical Police Table is a tool designed with law enforcement officers in mind to hone skills, increase communication, and learn from mistakes. As a Police Officer, you deserve the best tools to perform your job to the fullest. Buy Tactical Police Table today, share it with your team, and be sure to send feedback to enhance this app to be the best tool in your toolkit!

Note from author: Thank you for your service. You hold a place of high regard and honor in the hearts of the masses.

Use the "Send Feedback" button on the splash page to send your comments/ideas our way. We are committed to making Tactical Police Table the best, and need your help!

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What's New in this version

This is a big bug-fix release:

* Fixed an issue with loading custom images.

* Fixed an issue with saved tables not appearing.

* Fixed numerous GPS issues including crashing, auto-locating, address location, and GPS location issues.

* Fixed numerous saving, crashing, and forced closing issues with the app.

* Fixed numerous layout issues for certain devices.

* And many more bugs!

Be sure to email support@tablecommand.com if you have issues, feedback, or requests. Thanks!