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6.3.2 (*)
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August 24, 2023
Android 6.0
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  • Time Master - Time Tracking Screenshot
  • Time Master - Time Tracking Screenshot
  • Time Master - Time Tracking Screenshot
  • Time Master - Time Tracking Screenshot
  • Time Master - Time Tracking Screenshot
  • Time Master - Time Tracking Screenshot
  • Time Master - Time Tracking Screenshot

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Time Master is used by individuals working independently, to attorneys from some of the biggest law firms in the USA. If you need to keep track of time and expenses, you can’t find a better app than Time Master. We at On-Core are IT professionals, so we have firsthand experience with billing and keeping track of time. We know from personal experience what is needed and have made this app so flexible, it works for virtually anyone in any industry in which time needs to be kept.

- Track time by start, stop and/or by duration
- Sessions option can track "punch-in & out" for a single time entry
- Single or multiple running timers
- Timers keep running even if you are not running the app
- Time Entries are by Client and can be sub-categorized by Project, Task and/or Category
- Powerful billing rates that can be defined in the following priority: Global, by Client, by Project, by Task or Custom per entry
- Powerful Time Rounding: by hour, minutes and/or seconds
- Multiple Filters to sort and view only what you need to see
- Define the day of the week that your work week starts
- Track Expenses - from Mileage to Meals to Burning CD's and anything else you want to define
- Display Reports right on your device that you can view and export via email in HTML and/or CSV format.
- Timesheet Reports
- Import Client information from your contacts
- Dual taxes for countries such as Canada
- Import Quickbooks IIF files
- Full Backup & Restore capabilities
- and so much more!

OPTIONAL MODULES (one-time additional fee required as an "In App Purchase"):
- Invoicing: If you want to do billing directly from your Android device then look no further. The most powerful invoicing module built directly into Time Master. Professional PDF invoices can be emailed to the client, including your own logo.
- Quickbooks Export: (NOTE NO LONGER WORKS WITH QB 2021+ AS THEY REMOVED IIF import/export). Easily export your Time Entries with a QB IIF file. Win QB 2007-2020 Pro. Mac QB 2010-2020 with our TimeBridge app (fee applies). See site before purchase.
- Synchronization: Wirelessly synchronize two or more devices. This works between all versions of Time Master on Android, iOS and Windows. If you want to keep the data synchronized between multiple devices, this is for you!

Time Master can track both time and expenses. You can track time using start and stop times, duration, and/or timers. All time entries are tracked for a single day, so time entries cannot be greater than 24 hours. It will allow you to time across days, for example if you start a job at 8 p.m. and finish at 2 a.m., it will have a duration of 6 hours.

Expenses can be setup for recurring fixed cost items, such as burning a CD, reimbursement of hardware items, or fluid things such as tracking toll expenses, automobile mileage, etc.

Quick reporting can be done on the device with the Reports function. The report can be emailed in an HTML and/or CSV format.

Adding new Clients, Projects, Tasks and Expenditures is super easy. You can create them on the fly without having to navigate to a separate maintenance screen. To edit them you can tap on Setup, do you edit and then return to where you left off in Time Entries or Expenses. By selecting a Project or Task first will automatically fill in the Client field for quick entry.

We’ve made everything as seamless as possible for tracking your time & expenses, as you would expect from a top class Android application. Visit us on the web to download the documentation or visit our Forums.

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What's New in this version

Fix inadvertent highlighting of screens.

Added Camera, Contact and External Storage permissions request prompts.