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About Radio FM 90s

An away message for your phone

When you enable your custom away message this app will automatically reply to any text you receive. No more text while driving worries! Also great for when you're working, sleeping, at the movies, in class, etc.

-Optionally include time elapsed since away enabled

-On/Off Widget

-Ignores phone #'s it has replied to in last 5 min

-Optional indicator in notification bar which says if away message is on or off

-Optionally shows alerts when a text message has been auto-replied too

-Optionally send replies only to people in your contact list

Almost no battery usage when away message is enabled. All future updates to app will be free. Completely anonymous usage statistics are stored in order to continue to improve the app.

Thanks for the great reviews and comments! Feel free to email me anything you want me to consider adding in a future release.

NOTE TO GO SMS USERS: Go SMS's default behavior blocks other SMS apps. In order to use this app with Go SMS you need to do the following, "Open Go SMS, press MENU->SETTINGS->RECEIVE SETTINGS and then uncheck “Disable other message notification”". You can also uninstall Go SMS to solve the problem.

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What's New in this version

Added ability to exclude contacts in your contact list from receiving auto replies on phones with Android 2.0+.

I am unable to respond to comments left. If anyone has any issues to report with the new feature or anything at all please contact me via email