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July 06, 2014
Android 3.2 and up
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  • USB Serial Control Panel Pro Screenshot
  • USB Serial Control Panel Pro Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Smart phones serial control panel program. USB equipment using Silicon Laboratories CP210X, FTDI FT232 and Prolific PL2303, CDC/ACM UART to USB Bridge chips can be used to connect to your smart phone.
Zigbee Chip TI CC2531(USB-Enabled SOC Solution for 2.4-GHz IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee App) can be used also.
You can add frequently used functions as buttons, and then click the control button to transmit preconfigured data.

- Supported chip: Silicon Laboratories(CP210X), FTDI(FT232), Prolific(PL2303)
- Supported phones: USB host support smart phones (Samsung galaxy2/galaxy 3/galaxy note / galaxy note2/Vega racer R3)
- Supported Android version: Android version 3.1 (API Level 12)

0. Quick Start
1) Please use the OTG cable to connect the usb device on your smart phone.
2) Smart phone detect usb device, and then asks whether to run. Click OK to run the App.
3) Click the "Settings" button (wrench icon) of upper right corner in order to set serial communication.
4) Click the "Save" button.
5) Click the "Connect button(phone icon)" of upper right corner in order to connect to the device.
6) Click "add control button"(Plus icon) in toolbar, and then input name and content to send
7) Click the Save button
8) Control button will be added in the panel.
9) Click the button on the control panel, app will transfer the data(content) to the device.
10) App will show the response from USB device at the receive text view.

2. Control button content
Binary data is entered as shown below, you can enter in hex or binary or decimal

- Decimal: @ +숫자 3-digit(0~255) ex) CR: @013
- Hex: # + 2-digit hex, ex) CR: #0D
- Binary: & + 8-digit binary, ex) CR: &00001101
※Escape @, #, &: insert twice in succession in order to send @, #, &

Delay between the transmitted data can be entered.
- insert delay(ms) in send data between "<%" and "%>"
ex) up<% sleep:1000 %>down<% sleep:2000 %>left<% sleep:3000 %>right
1) send "up"
2) sleep 1 second
3) send "down"
4) sleep 2 second
5) send "left"
6) sleep 3 second
7) send "right"

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