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April 04, 2014
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About Radio FM 90s

This Android app will only function with MobileNation phones that have purchased Visual Voicemail for $1 per month.

To determine if you are able to use this app, see compatibility information below.

MobileNation Visual Voicemail allows you to view and manage your Voicemail messages directly from your Android smartphone. You will be able to see a list of the messages on your phone, and select, in any order you choose, which ones you wish to play, call back, forward or delete. You can quickly get to the most important messages first, or delete unwanted messages without even listening to them.

This app will allow you to manage various Voicemail functions, including:

• View a list of your Voicemail messages.
• Play messages in any order you choose.
• Pause, rewind and fast-forward messages while playing.
• Reply to Voicemail messages by a call back or text message.
• Add to and update your contacts from app
• Forward Voicemail messages via email.
• Manage greetings directly on your device.
• Change your Voicemail password.

Compatibility: This application is only available to MobileNation members who have purchased Android Visual Voicemail $1 monthly service. If you are not subscribed to MobileNation Visual Voicemail, you can do so by first downloading the app to your MobileNation Android phone and then simply see a store or call member support by dialing 611 from your MobileNation phone to have it activated.

**Warning: When you upgrade from Basic Voicemail to Visual Voicemail, you will lose all previously saved messages.

What's New in this version

This is the second version of the visual voicemail app.