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May 06, 2024
Android 4.4
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About Radio FM 90s

A one-time lifetime purchase to add new features to Web Alert.
Web Alert can monitor your web pages for changes and notify you when a change was detected (e.g. when the price of a product in an online store has dropped).

✔ Set any custom frequency for checks (e.g. every 5 seconds)
✔ Parallel checks
✔ Filter text, e.g. only watch changes in the text between word … and word …
✔ Monitor a number for changes (e.g. the price of a product)
✔ Define a time range without checks or without notifications
✔ Change notifications only when a certain keyword is present (or absent)
✔ Access websites with SSL certificate problems
✔ Limit alerts to a minimum change percentage
✔ Duplicate alerts
✔ Modify the URL of an alert
✔ Restore alerts deleted by accident
✔ Can notify when a website is down or offline
✔ Export website versions as a zip archive
✔ Export / Import your alerts
✔ View changes already in the notification
✔ Keeps website links inside the changes
✔ Allows to view only the changes and not the unchanged parts

Suitable especially for professionals in web development or automation:
✔ Filter content with regular expressions (RegEx)
✔ Use CSS and jQuery selectors
✔ Watch in HTML source code for changes
✔ Plug-in to integrate with Tasker, Automate and Automagic

With the extensive Tasker plugin many parts of the app become programmable even without knowledge of a programming language.

You still need to have the free Web Alert app installed.

Enjoy these new features! :-)

What's New in this version

Improvements for Android 13