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March 04, 2017
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Created in collaboration with "Wildman" Steve Brill, Becky Lerner, Christopher Nyerges, and Winterroot you can learn to identify, cultivate, and prepare over 200 plants!

• Identify using up to 8 high resolution images per plant
• Add your own notes
• West coast specific plants from Becky Lerner and Christopher Nyerges
• New cultivation information helps wild plants stay forgeable year after year
• The same identification, harvesting, preparation, and recipes from the "Wildman" you've already learned, plus 50 more!

Now your favorite foraging reference and identification tool has a sleek new interface and even more content! In addition to hundreds of plants from nationally renowned forager “Wildman” Steve Brill, we are very excited to announce contributions from west coast foragers Rebecca Lerner and Christopher Nyerges.

Wild Edibles is a massive compendium of foraging knowledge suitable for beginners and experts alike. Use this app at home as a quick reference, or in the field as a replacement for cumbersome field guides. Providing the subject's most comprehensive resource in a compact digital form, this app takes wild edible plants to a whole new level of accessibility.

**UPDATE: The image downloader feature that was causing issues for many users of Wild Edibles has been removed. Images will now download to your SDCard the first time they are accessed, rather than all at once upon installation of the app. Many apologies for any inconvenience you may have encountered with using the previous version of Wild Edibles. Happy foraging!**

What's New in this version

Bug fixes for users having trouble with image downloader / missing images on some devices.

Bulk high-resolution image downloader has returned, but its use is OPTIONAL.

By default, images for plants will download and save locally the first time you access them, so that on subsequent views, no network connection will be required.

To use the app with no network coverage and have ALL the high-resolution images ready to view, open the menu and select "Downloads" after the app is installed.