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A complex “Yoga for Weight Loss” will help you keep yourself in wonderful shape, get a perfect figure and a flat stomach, lose your flanks and extra kilograms.

However, that is not all!
Doing yoga asanas regularly, you will not only become slim and attractive.

Yoga exercises will help you regain your health, peace and self-confidence, normalize your metabolism and appetite, increase the tone of all the muscles and vitality of your body.
And you have to agree that this is exactly what we are all aiming at!

The application “Yoga for Weight Loss” is a complex of exercises and yoga asanas for the beginners.
They are not hard to do, but you should start gradually, without overstrain.

Follow the simple rules:
1. exercise regularly, according to the pre-set schedule, approved by your doctor;
2. before doing yoga asanas for slimming down, do a short warm-up for joints and warming the muscles;
3. rest for a few minutes after every asana, catching your breath;
4. while exercising, your breath should be steady, smooth and deep;
5. you should exercise on an empty stomach, in the morning or in the evening, but not later than four hours before bedtime, as doing the exercise complex gives a big boost of energy;
6. exercise with a smile, enjoy it without forcing;
7. make sure to drink a glass of water 15-20 minutes after doing our complex of yoga poses for Yoga for weight loss;
8. keep a healthy diet.

The application “Yoga for Weight Loss” is an effective complex of video classes with detailed descriptions of asanas and recommendations on how to do them properly.
It is your trusty assistant on the way to beauty, health and excellent general state.

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