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  • Zaveapp - Save money and enjoy Screenshot
  • Zaveapp - Save money and enjoy Screenshot
  • Zaveapp - Save money and enjoy Screenshot
  • Zaveapp - Save money and enjoy Screenshot
  • Zaveapp - Save money and enjoy Screenshot

About Radio FM 90s

Start saving money in a fun and easy way, just by yourself or with friends.

Zavepp is a piggybank ideal of everyone who don’t have the habit, time or are too busy to think about saving money.

Ideal for those things you enjoy in life: Save for a trip, to buy a new gadget or clothes, all while keeping your budget or indulge yourself with an experience, with Zaveapp anything in your bucketlist is possible.

Set up a goal with an amount and a timeframe to reach it and link your debit card, after that we will take care of the rest, so you just enjoy to see your progress.

Save in dollars, euros or pounds.

With this personal finance manager, you can save money in many different ways such as:

Automatic weekly savings (recommended) - By automating a weekly charge Zaveapp will take the amount you need to reach the goal by the time you defined. You can pause, edit or cancel anytime with just a click.
Round Up or Tip Yourself- Everyday we will ask you a question and propose a savings amount in the form of a roundup or a percentage of your expenses.
Food Reminders- Everyday or weekly your piggy will ask you to feed him, you can save with just a click.
Anytime 24/7- You can decide to send money to your piggy at anytime of the day.

Need motivation? create a Team with Friend and Family!

You can create a savings team and invite them with a click via Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook or Email. Each account is individual and you can enter and leave a group anytime, motivate and push each other with a shared vision of the progress.

Enjoy yourself

You can dispose your balance at anytime, of course we will try to help you stick to the plan but we also know unexpected things happen and you want to have the flexibility to use it whenever you need it so there is no need to reach the total amount or to wait for a due date the only rule is that it works as your piggybank when you break it you have to dispose the whole amount in your balance.

Affiliate Network and Concierge to Maximize your Purchase Power

We will help you find the best deal with our affiliate network of retailers including the major Online Travel Agencies and Ecommerce Specialty Shops, just contact us inside the app and our exclusive concierge service will help you maximize the purchase power of your money!


No setup fee
No monthly fee’s
No minimum balance fee’s
Transaction Fee, check in our site for specific fee depending your country
Buy within our Affiliate Network of retailers and get a cashback on fee’s


Your trust and security is our utmost concern. Your money is held in escrow by our payment processor Mangopay a licensed EMI and PCI-DSS compliant. We accept all Visa and Mastercard debit or credit cards.

If you lose or they stole your phone no worries, your balance is secure, simply text us at our official social media accounts:



Contact us inside the app in the support section on the side menu, we will get back to you asap. Zaveapp is available in english, french and spanish.

What's New in this version

We update our terms and conditions review them. Changes in the KYC process to comply with the changes in AML regulation of the European Union, if you have any questions contact us.