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Hafiz Azman
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January 31, 2020
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About Radio FM 90s

A Dance of Fire and Ice is strict one-button rhythm game. Keep your focus as you guide two orbiting planets down a path without breaking their perfect equilibrium.

It's pretty hard to describe, but you should play the free online version on a desktop computer first if you are not sure if you would enjoy this game!


- Six worlds, each introducing new shapes and rhythms. What do triangles, octagons or squares sound like? Each world starts with small tutorial stages and ends with a final test.

- Post-game challenges: Speed Trials for each world and blisteringly fast bonus levels for the brave.

- Calibration options: auto-calibration and manual calibration. This is a precise rhythm game, so use your ears more than your eyes when playing.

- Play new levels for free: more levels will be added over the coming months.

WARNING: This is a hard rhythm game. Not in the sense of note-spamming - for the most part all you have to do is keep a consistent beat - but this is a good test of whether you would be a good drummer. Keeping a beat is not very easy, and then weird breakbeats are added on top of that, so don't worry if you find it difficult!

What's New in this version

World 11, ‘Heracles’, has been added! The song is by the musician Yooh (https://soundcloud.com/yooh-space) , whose music you might have heard in other rhythm games like SOUND VOLTEX. The level design is by Exschwasion, with tutorial tracks contributed by Riya. Test your skills with a variety of track shapes in this high-energy, high-tempo battle.