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5.2.3 (*)
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June 22, 2016
Android 4.0.3 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Hunter or hunted? Disguise yourself as Agent X and escape from other players worldwide, or become a detective and join up with your teammates to catch Agent X.

Download your copy of the most successful multiplayer outdoor adventure and play the coolest scavenger hunt of all time with your friends.

The city is your playing field. One of you is Agent X, trying to escape. You opponents are detectives, working together to close in on Agent X and force his surrender. Detectives can see Agent X' location every couple of minutes on their devices, but Agent X knows exactly where his pursuers are at any given time. If it wasn't for the magic hoods, the magnets, smoke screens and all the other gadgets you can use to mix up the game...

Don’t miss: The Agent X community portal at

Press comments:
- “It’s a total blast. […] pure excitement […]”
- “You forget about everything else. […] this blurs the boundaries of real and virtual gameplay.”

Please note:

- Agent X requires continuous GPS connectivity to identify your location.
- To play, Agent X requires multiple players.
- You do not need to give your phone number during registration. If provided, it is only used to facilitate communication between teammates during play.
- There is no fee for playing Agent X. Your smartphone will use data during the game, as with any other app connecting to the internet. Please have an eye on your data plan.
- You can use the included services of “Publish Position” and “Local Search” to easily add your friends to your game. It's not intended to search out new or unknown players.
- You find more hints and tips at:

What's New in this version

* Improved icons on high density screens

Previous changes:

* Aligned zoom levels with iOS version

* Improved map visualisation

* High resolution maps for Agent X pro users!

* Better map focus usability

* Speeded up game item and player updates

* Show menu button on the map

* X-Mobile is now called Agent X!

* Improved map and player name scaling on high-density displays

* New gadgets

* New portal

* Badges!

* Keep gadgets for later games