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2.1.5 (Updated)
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February 12, 2013
Android 1.6 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Have you ever enjoyed playing the old Lucasarts & Sierra classics such as Monkey Island, Zak McKracken, Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Space Quest, Police Quest, Kings Quest, Mean Streets, Pandora Directive, etc? Many companies had developed commercial Adventure Games for Windows, DOS & Mac/Apple as well as Unix or Linux.

More Adventure Games are being released today with improved graphics & hardware. Until recently, most of these games were available only for Desktop Systems. No More! Welcome to the world of amateur & professional adventure games.

AGS Stream is a UNIQUE market app allowing you to download point and click adventure games not found anywhere else on The Play Store or any Android Market App right onto your Android Device without the hassle of manually going into your devices storage and system files to do so. This will allow you to eventually play many games not available to you before. AGS Stream simply downloads the game and the software to play it, then installs it for you and allows you to just click on the game in AGS to play it. No non-sense. No Root. Just enable installing unknown sources within your phones settings & thats it.

We are trying to add all these games found here: that were not previously available on Android. These Games were made with Adventure Game Studio (AGS) by Chris Jones, a game engine available for free for use on Windows.

There are only a few games in the market at the moment, but more are coming. There are literally hundreds already available for Windows/Mac/Linux/Iphone/Sony PSP. A new list of Games will be added to the Market every 1 or 2 weeks.

AGS is a Game Making software which allows you to make Point & Click Adventure games for a wide number of devices & OS. The software is aimed at experts as well as new and aspiring game developers. Try it out for yourself and make a game for Android!

BE ADVISED: This is simply a TOOL or MARKET APP that allows you to download "Point & Click Adventure Games" NOT available via any other Android market, SCUMMVM or the Play Store. I DID NOT develop these games individually or collectively. I DID NOT DEVELOP OR CONTRIBUTE TO THE AGS SOURCE CODE, NOR DO I OWN AGS.I do not own the rights to them. I am not responsible for the content found within them. Check for Malware and Viruses at your own risk.

These games have been made with Windows software Called "Adventure Game Studio (AGS)" Developed by Chris 'Pumaman' Jones & improved on & ported by a development team. This tool itself is OPEN SOURCE & developed using C++ & C#. These games are also available FOR FREE from their developers & can be downloaded off their websites. HOWEVER: When downloading from a developer, you will need to MANUALLY Install the game.

BEFORE YOU RATE OR LEAVE A REVIEW: If the app does not perform for you the way it should, Please, please please: contact me so that we can work on a fix. Please, be considerate before rating. Also, when Rating, rate the app properly. Use it within 15 minutes of purchase. It's ONLY $1.15 & you really should play with it right away to see if its an app you like or not rather than leaving me a bad review or rating so you can get a refund. If you do rate the app, rate it on what its purpose is for: It is a tool to help download & install Adventure Games made with AGS onto your Android Device. Then I would really appreciate it if you rate the app on: If it works, if it provides you with everything you need, If using it is easy for you, If it is updated frequently enough for you, if its performance is good or not, etc.. If a game will NOT FUNCTION, It might be due to a development issue with the game developer himself, or AGS, NOT AGS Stream.

IF YOUR GAME IS ON THIS LIST: & you would like it removed, Accept my apologies & I will take care of it right away. Do not give me a LOW RATING for it.

Updates will come once every week to a month. Please be patient.

What's New in this version

V2.1.5 (2/11/2013)

One new game added and fixed some much needed bugs!.

View this thread here for Release Notes on V2.00: