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1.0 (Updated)
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October 19, 2017
Android 2.3 and up
  • Army Hovercraft Water Cargo Boat – Transport Game Screenshot
  • Army Hovercraft Water Cargo Boat – Transport Game Screenshot
  • Army Hovercraft Water Cargo Boat – Transport Game Screenshot
  • Army Hovercraft Water Cargo Boat – Transport Game Screenshot

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US Navy soldiers! Welcome to the newest classified mission of delivering confidential supply of Army weaponry & arms consignment over the dangerous sea in Army Hovercraft Water Cargo Boat simulator game. This defense pickup transport game is unique as it has action, adventure & role playing all in one cargo ship simulation. As a trained security sailor & tough marine, you are facing enemy troops & gangster through the bay area. You have to transport the pickup cargo including highly confidential weapons & arms arsenal as well as classified documents from one corner of the ocean to another offshore area on your delivery hovercraft boat.

There’s shooting, fighting and defending the cargo ship from looters, gangs and all kinds of terrorists & criminals. Military police, air force commandos & navy elite forces all are waiting for your timely sailing delivery of loaded goods transport on water. Destroy bunkers & base camps of enemies situated at the river banks on your hovercraft with minigun. Your ferry boat is loaded with every kind of cargo artillery of pistols, guns, revolver, assault rifles, sniper rifles & RPGs. Skillfully handle your army hovercraft convoy through the rough sea. Your army training from special forces school made you the best military transporter in the whole country. Spy agencies are ready to give you more undercover mission & operations once this transporter task is completed.

As an elite marine sailor force, you have face battleships, submarine attacks, diving paratroopers’ bullets as well as heavy machine gunners on water boat driving but none like this hovercraft sailing mission. Guarded movement in a police transport convoy, you will have to take prisoners, hostages & enemy criminals on your transportation vessel. As a captain of the cruise, take prisoners from jail & prison to further transfer them to the airport where US Army aircraft is waiting to transport them to another country. Deliver cargo fuel to jets & helicopters standing at the airstrip. Truck loaded with guns awaiting your supply boat having radioactive weapons to transport on water.

Army officials need their food supply transport on time to win the battle against the striking enemy. Wars depends on timely supplies of goods & commodities which only you can deliver in the army hovercraft water cargo boat simulator game. Skillful maneuvers are required to control the hovercraft boat on mud, water, land and ice. Extreme stunts are involved in this fast realistic simulator as it’s a capable craft for handling dangerous delivery challenges. Air cushion vehicles ACV are hybrid vessels that use large blowers to fill high volume of air in the hull which keeps the Army hovercraft floating above the surface. This oval shaped platform is a rounded rectangle with flexible skirt which can move fast over small obstructions. This addictive & arcade racing transport simulator is full of adventure & fun activities.

Game play features:

- Loading the cargo on the hovercraft ship
- Drive the ferry boat from one corner to another
- Safely deliver the loaded goods in given time
- Avoid obstructions & barriers on your way to destination

Download Army Hovercraft Water Cargo Boat & start delivering the loaded cargo to headquarters

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