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Play Car Transporter Cruise Ship Sim now! Pirate crews may be waiting for treasure cruise ships .. but Car factory has trust on you being their brave transporter tycoon & so your hired for shipping. So be a captain of this new sailing & driving game with complete transportation duties in multiple transport vehicles.

Steer sports cars to multi-storey truck from vehicle factory

In Car Transporter Cruise Ship .. Yes first you have to steer the cargo vehicles to the specially designed multi-storey parking trailer. Yes load these luxury cars on the giant trucker & take your semi-trailer trolley to sea port. Be a perfect driver with best driving skills ..while making sure you do not flip your mega cart in city streets. The car showroom entrusted their trust on you.. so do not let them down with any heavy traffic incident. Avoid hitting any you motor cycle rider or big bus simulator on your transport duty. Take speedy cars on 18-wheeler truck sim to sea port where cruise ship is waiting for heavy cargo to be loaded on deck.

Sail this mega cargo ship simulator to tropical island

Once parked giant boat is loaded with 4wd cargo… Sail it towards your next destination. This is the central part of your transportation game. Have a smooth sailing experience in your mega yacht & make sure you avoid all obstacles. Yes big blue sea has hurdles waiting for you too.. So take control of this cruise ship in your hands & don’t let ocean waves make you go late. Be a ship sailor & make sure you are not attacked by pirates on their speed boats ready to rob your sailing cruise.

Un-load sports cars to your luxury lover client who owns this treasure island

Drop anchor once you reach sea port & make cruise ship parking smoothly near beautiful island. Yes this 3D simulation is collection of all car transporter tasks & make sure you sail cruise ship sim safely to destination. Be an un-loader & do car parking on muddy path in the center of tropical trees. Remember … all cargo items should be in one piece at time of delivery!

Sailing in deep sea is not easy with thunder storm effecting your water journey. And also not your transporter truck driving of a vehicle with power engine. So download.. and earn a new experience in Car Transporter Cruise Ship as your new simulator pro craze. We our sure that our gamer will love this new driver arcade.

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