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1.0 (Updated)
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July 08, 2017
Android 4.1 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Cats translator Joke is a simulator, joke, funny, works as a translator for cats, seals, cats and the smallest kittens! Phrasebook translates phrases that you utter in a cats tongue! Each picture with a kitten is a hotel phrase in a cats tongue with different voices of cats, if a cat or cat catches it, it will instantly react to it! Use the feline translator to translate your phrases and words into a cats tongue and communicate with your pet and the pets of your friends.
Pets probably will not understand you, but who knows ... maybe they will hear familiar sounds! Make a show in front of your friends that you speak to your cat with the help of the Cats phrase book! Overcome the language barrier and talk with cats! Do not be shy to talk to kittens in cat language. Play friends, pretend to have found a common language with cats!

Voice-translation in real time
The most popular feline voices!
A wide range of speech modules for full communication with the cat!

Attention! Translator feline. A simulator is a joke, a joke! You can not communicate with cats in reality, as a tourist in a foreign country. Cats, cats and kittens will not actually execute the commands voiced with the Cats Translator application. Simulator. The program is designed to amuse friends and play with pets!

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