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1.0.17 (Updated)
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October 10, 2014
Android 2.2 and up
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About Radio FM 90s

Teach these curious little creatures how to get creative, and help them rediscover their lost imaginations!

Emlings® is a bright, fun and inventive digital experience for kids aged four to eight that encourages imaginative play whilst also helping to develop their cognitive skills. Using the app, kids can find and rescue unique Emlings, and teach them to paint, dance, sing, and even make things out of goo! Kids can then use the Emlings to make digital creations of their own in a safe and playful environment.

Discover more about Emlings at http://youtu.be/zSwCiBq6VpM

Some key things to note:
• It is recommended that you download Emlings using a WiFi connection
• Emlings has no in-app purchases
• Emlings can be played without purchase from McDonald’s®
• Individual player information is not stored by McDonald’s
• A simple account system means siblings can play on the same device
• The app can be played with the internet connection disabled

Emlings has been developed by McDonald’s to add some creative fun to the Happy Meal®. It’s been developed in consultation with parents, kids, and learning and development specialists.

If you purchase a Happy Meal®, look for the special trigger on the Happy Meal box. Scan the trigger to discover a lost Tribe Emling! These tribes change from month to month, so there’s no telling what kind of Emling you might find. Emlings is designed to encourage healthier meal choices, too. So if you choose the Chicken Snack Wrap, the Fruit Bag or CalciYum™ milk with your Happy Meal, you can scan them in to find special Gifts like masks, hats and slippers that you can add to your unique Emlings. If you want to try Emlings for yourself but don’t have the packaging handy you can find the triggers at www.happymeal.com.au/emlings/triggers

The game also includes a play timer so parents can control how long their child is playing with their Emlings. When the time is up, the Emling simply fall asleep, keeping you in control of play time without the arguments. You’ll find these controls in the parent’s section of the app.

We hope you have fun finding, meeting, teaching, laughing and playing with your Emlings!

Emlings HD is optimised for the following Android tablet devices:
- Samsung Tab 2
- Google Nexus 2

What's New in this version

v.1.0.17 has minor bug fixes and optimisation.